Black Poetry : Controversial Points

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    Controversial Points

    Contend in rap as folks begin to clap usually win and trap
    Cats on microphones with words and verbs that even overlap
    Gammar when tap and hammer vocab my brain snap perhaps
    Maintain in script as my lame brain is stripped of reality then
    Flipped to a fatality which involves head on collisions when
    There’s a clash of knowledges this smash all the garbages that
    Exist deft some cats piss on their self, my flow smooth with stats
    It it show and prove phat rhymes can grow to no limit so look
    I’m in it to win it yall, this dumb menu I’m seeing got me shook
    And has come into being why cats wanna battle when my hats
    got thirty notches from dirty marches battling with baseball bats
    like Tom Cats chase all rats lay em on the homeowner door mat
    can’t sweat my luck had to get up from sitting be dumb admitting
    I can’t rap when I can, rise to fame yall recognize my name hitting
    Bill BoardCharts I climb hills with fords and go-carts make fuss
    far as my rhymes no rust they stays clean because I discuss
    ways and means with my crew because my gift is true thrust
    rocket fuel and drop it in duels just to take off fast like a bus
    Catch static as a player because I’m a pneumatic sprayer
    Of love talk and that’s the way a thug walk a real slayer
    If need be, clever with themes use lever on machines when
    Gambling fast and handling cash at the Casino win and then
    Make a getaway before losing it all