Black Poetry : Contradiction In Terms


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Jan 14, 2003
The Lone-Star State

We love ~
Your imitation
of a great nation

Hating not relating
Anything we're saying
Dating ho' style selling God out
Acting hostile (Blackwater louse)

Lies so BOLD

Souls are being sold

People suppose the emperor is clothed

Daddy WAR BUCK$ downing Starbucks

Drowning us out... PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Darryl Abdu Omari :ref:
aka 1poetsought ~ copyright 2007
The Ten Commandments are precepts bearing on the fundamental obligations of religion and morality and embodying the revealed expression of the Creator's will in relation to man's whole duty to God and to his fellow-creatures.

Pictures of the Ten Commandments on Public Buildings

They say this is a Christian Nation.
Show me decent human relations
Breaking commandments that a God ( loving ) fearing man would hold

Our President bearing false witness, he lies, he cheats, and he steals
He is supposed to be leading the cheer. Of good things, prosperity and good will.

Oh I can't fool myself. :oops:

They stole it all, ripping us off and taking it all for themselves.

Telling Military men to break their covenant with the word pick up a gun and kill.

Some soldiers come back with pain. Because they have violated a law. The one carved in stone that Moses from God was taught.

Then the contradictions start a new. When Veteran benefits are denied. Soldiers lying in a hospital and they are missing limbs and eyes.

So I see the contradictions.
I see clearly your point
In Your words
In Your Flow
Of a imitation
No great nation here.


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