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    Peace. It won't be long before I'll be leaving here. It's 8:47am. It's cold out this morning. My sister just left for her treatment group. Problem with the booze. I've had the same problem. I had told her about treatment places that could help. She has never had the mind to have anything to do with that. I told her I had never went to one that I had regretted. So she went. Blowed us all away. And she stayed. And now she's off to her group. I love my sister. One thing though; she carries ghost from the past. Those type men whose ghost haunts even while their alive. Sometimes I feel like I'm just another man to my sister. If I try to say something to her, she'll think I'm just another man trying to tell her what to do. And I'm not. Male supremacy is no good Brothers. We ARE men! But not like the slavemasters have taught.We need these sisters like we need air. I like to roam. I've never settled down. Never owned a house. My credit is with my creators. Malcolm said it back then. It's trickery at it's finest. They took him out before he could really explain what that really meant.
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    Brother Chaka ... i am missing you already. Gosh. Don't go. Why you gotta go? Can't you stick the desktop in a back pack or something and when you run into electricity, plug us up?! :) Oh Gosh. Your words are so soothing. They speak directly to my soul. Like a cool breeze on a warm body. It is a blessing just to know that you exist. Thank you for coming, joining us, sharing your wisdom, knowledge and Spirit. Before you leave, please try to join us in voice chat ... if you can, just so you know it's there too whenever you return. I'm sure your Sister loves you too. Don't underestimate your impact in her life. To have you. You are possibly the one that kept her from completely succumbing to the pressures of life. You've certainly demonstrated that power in the seconds i've known you. Any Sister, sick or well, would love to have you as her Brother.

    Don't be a stranger! You've got me hooked now! What?!!! :)