Black Poetry : "Contentment"- Collections of the Soul

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    You may not always get

    What you want

    But you can guarantee

    God will provide all your needs

    It may not come when you want

    But it’ll come when you need

    Broken dreams

    Can be replenished

    Nothing is done

    Until God is finished

    Hope may be deferred

    But don’t let it perish

    Let God move

    The results, you will cherish

    Each moment is a gift

    Be a good steward

    Keep pressing on

    With each step, move forward

    Choose to have joy

    Don’t succumb to circumstance

    Embrace grace

    Choose to take a stance

    Every season has its moment

    Winters don’t always last

    Springs will flourish

    And summer will be a blast

    But if you shall fall

    Do not lose hope

    Continue in longsuffering

    Use grace to cope

    For God is with you

    His love will never forsake

    No matter your faults

    No matter your mistakes

    For He is just

    And His mercy is long

    He doesn’t hold a grudge

    When we do wrong

    But He gives discipline

    He loves with correction

    His goal is to lead us

    In the right direction

    So suffer the storm

    Endure the night

    Know everything

    Will be alright

    For God is good

    Be content in this


    You will surely be amiss