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    Think about all you’ve ever put me through,
    Did I make the right decision
    Or do you still envision me loving you
    Like nobody should ever do, why?
    Baby, don’t even ask

    Why were you so concerned with concealing yourself?
    Wearing a mask instead of revealing yourself,
    To me, your girl.
    Supposedly your entire world, but I guess I’m just
    Some trick he thought he could twirl into some
    Secluded fantasy.

    Hate to bust your bubble baby
    But you be buggin majorly.
    So much, almost drove me crazy
    Even more than Brittany Spears
    No longer will I drown in my own tears
    Just because you need your space
    I need mine too
    Don’t have to include you, or your love
    That’s something I’ve gotten over
    Sorry I’m not the fool I was
    Only because I fell head over heels, seals,
    And banana peels for you and your sorry excuses

    ****, I swear it’s a trip thinking
    How many times I slipped back
    Into your abyss of lust and ignorance.
    But you was really feeling this?
    **** baby, you was corrupting.
    Well that’s over now, got a new destiny ahead of me
    Just you wait and see
    Thought I didn’t have the power to put on the brakes
    While you were going full speed
    When all I want and need you to do is
    Cruise at 45

    So instead of you slowing down
    I just want you to stop, so I can hop out of the
    Passenger side and ride into my life without you
    Will you miss me? Yeah, you will.
    Will I miss you? I doubt it.
    When you think back remember all you did and didn’t do
    And tried to but of failed at
    Think of all I wanted from you and you couldn’t deliver
    And I told you to send it back. Think about all our debates, your evil traits, impatience to wait, swiftness to take, what was good for our sake, isn’t fake, and what would be our deadly fate.

    Baby, Just concentrate.
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