Black People : Consumer confidence, Investing & the "R" word


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Apr 16, 2001
In the year of 1999, I was so gung ho for a particular internet fund. The manager of the fund quit and I pulled out as well. Then the .com bubble burst. Since then I only speculate on certain IPO's. That is all. Last year, I was crazy about TMTA and company that makes computer chips and claim to beat out Intel. I grew tired of waiting for the IPO then took a leave of absence/road trip from work. It did okay on the day they started trading.(highs and lows)

I learned a little from all the ferver.

Lets talk about consumer confidence and that horrid "R" word that rhymes with "procession" and preliferation of ideas.

Do you find yourself effected by the preliferation of these ideas?(factors)
consumer culture

Let me explain something else. I've come to the end of my rope with the whole idea of life existing by way of a consumer culture. The idea of buying this, trying this and other frivilous attitudes that keeps money going out the gate. Supporting another's economy while neglecting my own.

My priorities are somewhat selfish. Eyeing exotic locales and mimosas with little umbrella garnishes.(a personal economic contingency of a product on a global market)


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