Black Poetry : Constellations


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Feb 1, 2006
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One night while searching for inspiration,
I fled to a roof top and threw my head toward the heavens,
You see, it was Polaris that drew me but the gourd that reminded me of my history,
On that hill admiring Morpheus, Old Man Gnosis tapped me on my shoulder began whispering,

They say the heroes and heroines and the beast they slayed are up there,
In the heavens,
Adorned for all of time in the constellations,
The question is not where they are now but how they got there in the first place,
Head up my child; peer into the bold darkness class is now in session,
And you’d be a wise soul to take heed to these lessons.

Over yonder lies the Milky Way,
Only there today because a boy was too big for his britches,
Took his papas sun chariot, lost control n scorched the sky,
Zeus struck him down to save the earth,
His father was left mourning his foolish son’s death.

And there three stars in a row form Orion’s belt,
Great hunter extraordinaire surrounded by his hunting dogs Canis Minor and major,
Hubris, caused the self proclaimed unbeatable to be killed by mini Scorpius.

To the north Cassiopeia reminds ya never to become to vain,
Or an Andromeda chained to rocks of despair you will become,
And not always will a Perseus be there to save you from yourself, undo what was done.

Instead my child aspire to be like Aries or laboring Hercules,
Helping save people from their unfortunate circumstances,
But never, never forget that all of us are humbled by possessing an Achilles heel.

Old Man Knowledge spun these tales saying that the inevitable will prevail
Because the fates had graphed it into the stars,
And the answers they did not disguise instead they granted free will the paths taken you decide.

Cause they say the heroes and heroines and the beast they slayed are up there,
In the heavens,
Their triumphs and defeats constant reminders to humans,
In the Constellations.

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