Black Spirituality Religion : CONSPIRACY VS SPIRITUALITY

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    For those who didn’t get a chance to sit in on Brother Panic’s talk on Blogtalk’s Underground Railroad radio show last week “Conspiracy vs Spirituality” dealing with conspiracy, spirituality, fear, empowering oneself on an everyday basis, etc, you can hear it here:

    Conspiracy vs. Spirituality

    Our special guest will be brother Panic.


    Underground Railroad Productions Black Conscious Lectures DVD, CD & Tapes -

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    This talk will be especially good for those wanting to have an innerstanding of how to evolve one’s consciousness and why symbolism is used to tap into one’s divine mind. Bro Panic also speaks on how fear prevents this evolving of consciousness and why it is used as a psychological weapon to control the masses and how to free yourself from the fear syndrome. As well as speaking on how to create your own reality rather than being stuck in a reality that is being created for you, Bro Panic shows how conspiracy theories has its uses but only acts as a gateway to personal power. He removes the spookyisms often associated with magick by explaining what magick is and also touches on sex-magick… and much more.

    :censored:WARNING: explicit language.:censored: