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    Conspiracy Theorist

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much more Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    The Majority do not have special privilege to being Right.

    Foolish belief inherit by the majority, serve as evident that the majority have no Divine Relationship with the Divine Truth and reality, which relate only to Divine minds that Divinely Think, which number among the few in the world, today.

    You Know Beloved, as I watch and see the extent that Lucifer the Human Being will go to give a lie the appearance of Truth and validity, not just about what we are being bombarded with concerning Bin Laden, but with everything he desire for the world to believe and not know about everything he say is the truth of the case and events he present to you, telling you the way things are that is of interest to the world.

    But be that as it may, it is the Black world where you will find less conspiracy theorists, and there are no people upon this earth that has the experience of being lied to and deceived, than Black people.

    You see, that fact in and of its Truth and Reality, is what justify Black people to be suspicious of everything a proven liar and deceiver of Black people say about anything Lucifer the Human being label to be the truth of the matter he is conveying to you.

    A conspirator is that which conspire to lie and deceive you, to give a lie the appearance of being the truth, having you to believe that the lie being the fact of the matter that is being lied about, convincing you that what ever is being presented to you, absent of the facts, and facts only associate with Divine Truth and Reality, and that duality attributes are profound Reasoning, Rationality, Logic with a demand of use of deductible thought, thoughts that expertly identity that which is faking to be True and Real, based upon the lack of Harmony, Order, and Balance with Truth and Reality, which is intrinsic in the event that is being portrayed to have happened in the way it is being told that it happened.

    The lack of such attributes of Truth and Reality, is what have you to believe what is being presented to you as being the Truth about the matter you are being presented, and you being tricked to believe and not know, is True.

    Great concentration taken, has been put into having the Bin Laden Lie sold to you as being the Truth of the Matter, that only an expert liars is presenting to you, and since most of the Black world no longer operate with our Divine mind, makes us to be willing participants to embrace lies and to be easily deceived, because we no longer Think anymore.

    Beloved, Divine Truth and Reality is perfect, it come perfect every time to you, and they do not tolerate compromise, nor do they require a change of their appearance after they have presented their action of fact to you, Divine Truth and Reality I am sharing about here.

    Change is not needed when Truth and Reality is presented, such will always be available to be verified, the very same way initially presented.

    The Devils of the world will have you to believe that only idiots are theorist about conspiracies.

    A Theorist is one who involved the Mind in empirical Divine Thought.

    Your Quantum Physicist are Theorist, so there is no shame to be had by being a theorist, facts about the matter come from theorizing about the matter under investigation in order to identify the Divine Truth about the matter in question.

    When in fact it is the conspirator who conspire to lie and deceive you, and the theorist are those who are qualified to recognize lies masquerading as Truth, and falsehood dancing as if to be Reality, and it is the idiot, the fool, who without Divine Thought, submit to the conspirator lies and acts of deception, having an evil motive that serve against the well being of those being conspired against.

    To become a victim of conspiracy, require for you to be one with blind trust in those that lie and deceive you, giving the appearance that all that is done is in the best interest of your life, when their experience with and toward you, teach you that they are not to be trusted.

    You see, the Conspiracy Theorist is not the one doing the conspiring, we are the people reading the tea leaves of unquestionable Divine empirical fact, and seeing the lack there be of facts.

    We are those that have every reason to be suspicious with distrust of those in position of power to conspire to lie and deceive us, based upon, not imagination or opinion, but based upon experience teaching, which identify those doing the conspiring for the purpose to have you not to Think about what is being told to you about events that have happened and is happening in the world, and the reason and the way it did not happen the way being told, in order to deceive.

    Experience is our Master Teacher!!!

    The Bin Laden saga, reveal just how much the forces are confident that they are in authority and control over people been made to believe and tricked to be fooled, and to act out the ignorance such a profane mind will have you expressing such a behavior.

    Having you believing, not knowing, that lies and acts of deception is parading as the truth and reality of the matter that you being deceived about.

    What disrespect Lucifer Has for the low level mind that now guide most of the Black world, and that is why Black people are, as is, and will never be respected by the world, because we have no self respect.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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