Black People : Conspiracy 4: mind manipulation

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    How is it that some of us remain under someone else control? 1st under education, the school system in America is one indirect way of controlling the minds of kids, we must remember that an under educated child is a controlled child that turns into a brainless adult. 2nd Take away a peoples language therefor killing there history, without ones original language one loses over time the ability to connect with the past and with others of there kind. 3rd control the amount of wealth that you allow them to have. 4th control there diets, some cheese have ingredients that stop the brain from remembering some things. Fake butter has a certain chemical in it that acts as a plastic and clogs the arteries. 5th change the pages of history, in other words erase reality just like in the planet of the apes.

    As you can see mind manipulation is not as hard as you would think, but what of the manipulator? To manipulate another person so as to control that person suggest that the manipulator is void of spirit and sole, lost in his own confusion and afraid of the ultimate reality.