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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Conscious-- A Divine state of Mind Thought, that will cause you to be aware of your Divine Self at all Time, without Self Condemnation
    A conscious that is not condemning when the life of that conscious is permitted to commit an evil act against the life of others, without it being an act in self defense, such is a conscious of a Human Being profane nature and does not have a Divine relationship with self and such a conscious is without Nature Greater Good in its performance, which has a connection to the sanctity of the sacredness of life, and it to both Divine universe.

    There has been much talk about our life state of consciousness, and without that aspect of our Body Life action being fully understood, in term of what conscious really is, and what role it plays in the action of our Body life, will have a determining effect in the way we conduct ourselves in life.

    We treat conscious as if it is independent from the life of our body performance, as if it has a Mind of its own that is separate from the Body Life mental action, all conscious really is, is no more than a performance of the Body Life Mind thought process, the Mind being the driving force of your apparent conscious state, that conscious is what energize our life Body to be able to reveal and express, by displaying the Body Life Spirit, ( attitudinal behavior ) in a way that it reveal what your Mind action thoughts, accept or reject as being good and bad action of performance by you.

    Therefore, by the type of behavioral attitude that is displayed by you, concerning those events that have an affect upon our lives, it is your conscious that has a direct effect upon the decisions you make for your Life, so it is the conscious that affect the way you respond in life, and the quality of your decision that you make in your day to day life performance, such has to do with the quality of your conscious, which is suggested by the quality of Mind Thoughts that are based upon information that is filtered through the Mind that guide your life in its conscious performance.

    The conscious is no more than an attribute of the Mind process, it is a thought provoking mental action that will either put you in a spirit of pleasure,comfort, and acceptance, or it will have you displaying a spirit of self condemnation, which is a spirit of anxiety, depression, discomfort, displeasure, and uncontrollable fear in life.

    Conscious is a state of awareness of your life surroundings and that part of your life process is what cause you to be who you reveal your self to be in life, which has to do with how you will perform in your Body Life daily activities.

    Conscious reveal your state of Mind toward activities that take place in your life and how you will react to them, based upon your state of Mind thought conditioning that determine what your action is to be, in term of the spirit you will expressively display in your life, at any given Time during your life performing action.

    Your conscious is determined by your Mind thoughts and how you have been trained to Think, or to believe, about a life occurrence, such is what will determine how you will act in revealing the spirit that come from your conscious awareness, which could come from your own reasonable Divine thoughts or from a profane dictated belief, which is caused by thoughts of other that your self, such is call programming the Mind to form a conscious attitude that is based upon those who are influencing your thoughts, so if your conscious does not condemn the way that you are performing in your Body Life action, then you serve to display confidence in the way that you are performing in your life.

    Your conscious has a lot to do with the quality and caliber of spirit that you display and express in life, so based upon your conscious awareness in life, it will become a determining mental factor in the way that you will act out your life awareness, and that awareness, based upon the way that your mind has been conditioned to Think and or believe about things that occur in you life, will determine how you will conduct your self in life.

    So you see beloved, it is the quality of your state of consciousness that will reveal how you are to perform in life and if your conscious does not condemn you in the way that you are treating your Body life, meaning the way that you conduct your Mind action in life, then that means that you carry no doubt about the way that you are performing in your Body life, then that is a sign that you are in full confidence in the Spirit your life is displaying toward a given life situation that is affecting your life living condition, and it is your Spirit that reveal the quality of Mind thoughts that are developing your life state of consciousness, and the quality state of your conscious ( Mind Thought ) is what determine how you are going to relate to and conduct your self in life.

    Therefore, there is no need to wonder why it is that Black People always seem to be approving of the way our Life is being treated by ourselves and by others, and we have no desire to defend and protect our Black selves today, it is all because of the way our Mind has been conditioned to not Think, but to believe about ourselves, and about those events that constantly have an effect upon our Life and does determine the type of decisions that we have been influenced to make for our Body Life, that is the reason why Black People now believe, and do not Think about ourselves today, which is information dictated to us about ourselves by those other people with a history of abusing Black people and that is the state of conscious of Black People that have the Black Nation in Its present state of Divided condition today.

    Black People today live with not a condemning conscious, concerning the way that we live our lives today and that is why everybody is allowed to dictate to Black people how to live our lives without self guilt, because if the conscious does not condemn you, then you end up having confidence in the way that you are living your life today, having you to believe this is the proper way for Black People to live our lives today.

    It is a slave mentality that does not have a Divine Conscious to guide the Body Life, because without it, it make you prone to live a life that is dictated to you by those other people with a history of kicking your Black behind at will, knowing that Black people do not have the Divine conscious that you came here with, such a conscious is what will provoke you Black People to defend against all injustice that is choking the life out of your Black Body today.

    If your Conscious does not condemn you, then you display a confidence in your inaction, such a profane conscious, will prompt you to show a confidence in those other people with a history of kicking your Black behind, while they are crucifying your Divine Conscious, because without your Divine Conscious, then it is a profane Conscious that is guiding the Life of Black People, as we follow without condemnation of our life obedience to the rulers of injustice, over the life of a Black People, we who no longer have a Divine Conscious to guide us in this evil world today.

    So you wonder why it is that the Black Nation remain divided without protest, or do not engage in an action to reunite the Black Divided Nation, you wonder why it is that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can come into your House without invitation and without Fear?

    Well it is because the Black world no longer has a Divine Conscious that will condemn the inaction that Black people display in not defending the Black Life, and the Land of the gods, Afrika, the land that our Divine Cosmic Ancient First way Black Ancestors first appeared to walk upon, causing it to be Sacred Land, even to this day, beloved.

    You have Black People who speak out against the fact that Black People have the Divine Right to self elevate ourselves, and to Think Divinely about our Black Selves, and we speak against such a Divine Right we have, because we do not have the Divine Conscious of Thought that will cause Black People to be Divinely aware of our Black Selves, and it is that Divine self awareness that does not condemn Black People for being self elevating, but develop confidence to reunite the Black Nation and to do the things necessary to have Afrika to become Afrika again.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]