Black Muslims : Consciousness: In Al Qur'aan, it is called, Taqwa.

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    The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
    The Qur'aan is a message to the world and all alive who are in it. Yet The Qur'aan is SPECIFICALLY a Guidance for Those of " Taqwa "...Al Muttaqiyn. Al Qur'aan 2:1-2-3-4-5.
    Al - The
    Mu - Ones
    Taqiyn - this is the plural form of the word "Taqwa"
    Taqwa - that which overtakes the attention of the mind. Fear or overwhelming emotional state..consciousness of a singular thing or matter.
    It is said that The Messiah Jesus screamed out like a woman whenever someone mentioned The Day Judgement . The Messiah Jesus was so concerned about The Most High and keeping HIM in mind at all times. " Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceedeth out of The Mouth of The Most High ". This is a very serious statement.
    It is said that The Prophet David, To Whom The Zabuwr (i.e. Psalms in The Bible) was revealed, Fasted every other day of his life until he died. The Prophet Muhammad was asked. O Messenger of Allaah, who is The most Favorite prophet of Allaah? The Prophet replied, Joseph, the son of Jacob. Then he was asked, ' O Prophet, who is The most beloved to Allaah? The Prophet Muhammad replied, David. The Prophet Muhammad explained that Joseph was The Most High 's favorite because of the way he endured being in prison unjustly, he endured the test of Allaah knowing well That Allaah is The Supervisor of All Things. David was The Most Beloved of Allaah because NOTHING was dearer to David than his Remembrance of Allaah and keeping Allaah in mind. So much so that he ( David) fasted every other day of his life. Allaah loves The patient and The merciful.
    The messiah Jesus abhorred entertainment and worldly pleasure. It is said that one day when Jesus desired to sleep he took refuge in the wilderness and found a patch of clean earth. He layed down and adjusted a stone to lay his head upon. At that time Shaytaan revealed himself to The Messiah and said derisively, ' O Jesus dost thou seek the pleasures of this world? '. The messiah Jesus rose suddenly, viciously verbally rebuked shaytaan the cursed and threw the
    stone at him. The messiah never used a 'pillow' again. He preferred the least of what he needed to survive, choosing poverty, fasting and prayer and worship as his treasure. It is said that The messiah said, My heat is the sunrise during winter. If THAT ain't goin hard in the paint, nothing is baby!!The Messiah cared nothing for this world. It is said that The Prophet Muhammad never went to sleep in a house that had trash in it nor tomorrows meal. He was asked why. He replied, I seek the blessings of Allaah for each day, each day. It is said that during the month of ramadaan the muslims were fasting but the community was low on food anyway and most complained of starving. The arab people would tie a stone around their bellies with a belt, just to make their minds think that they had something in their stomach. after a few weeks the community descended upon the house of The prophet to complain of the scarcity of food and that since He was The so-called Prophet of Allaah why not get some food around here..they lifted up their garments to reveal how pitiful they were at being hungry that they tied stones to their belly. each man that lifted his garment had one stone tied to them. Without saying a word The Prophet Muhammad lifted his garment and revealed that he had two stones tied to his belly. they all turned and walked away.

    The Prophets are those whom Allaah has chosen to teach any that would follow HIS Guidance. The Most High raises us through our perception, our ability to cognize that HE created us with. We destroy our selves through our own un guided or misguided thoughts and subsequent actions that back up those thoughts...which create the patterns of behaviour by which we destroy the self and others. Darkness is obliviousness of Allaah.
    Keeping The Most High in mind alludes to behaving in a way that is in line with HIS guidance. for instance: of you can have all the sex you want and in the ways you desire. But do so married and with the opposite gender. Allaah has created the penis specifically to engage the vagina and the vagina to engage the penis and all this under the commitment in marriage. Allaah created our bodies and sex and marriage. Men didnt invent marriage. They are now... but originally the institution came down as guidance between male and female before The Prophet Moses and The Tawraah/Torah! Practicing marriage in any other way opens the way for shaytaan to enter in and click on your soul as an icon for all of HIS actions that deeds that promote disconnect from Allaah and Allaah's Guidance. Darkness is obliviousness to Allaah and what HE sent down. looking for The Presence of Allaah or bringing into view/consciousness The Presence of Allaah in all things and matters and facets of life. but most especially within the self consciousness. We have not learned how to be sensitive to The Presence of Allaah.. we exist oblivious until there is a celebration of birth, death, the church day or Masjid day and other things we use to remind ourselves of Allaah. The Prophets practiced keeping Allaah in mind at all times, before and after all times and during time. they turned their idea of Time, into The Presence of Allaah.
    This is why we are told to read The Scriptures of Allaah, to inundate and calibrate our thinking and thoughts with This idea for it is the only and surest way to forge success in all that we can do.
    Allaah describes The " Muttaqiyn " in verse 3 chapter 2 of The Holy Qur'aan and in other places in The Qur'aan.. but if we can enter in The Power of Allaah into our selves, we can experience a true signal of Faith and experience opening up those powers of the soul we read about in mans' history and literature.
    Astro projection is real.
    Telepathy, Kinetic science etc.. is real
    Cellular regeneration/self governed mutation is real the science of these things without The Remembrance or recognition of Allaah and for the purposes of misleading human beings into the worst mental condition that anyone can have: To be unmindful of The Creator, to exist as though your own existence is independent of Allaah.

    When a dove, the bird, is placed next to the warmth of your body, your chest lets say. The Dove will fall asleep. once the doves body perceives the warmth of your body it immediately falls asleep. So we not knowing this simple scientific factoid...are susceptible to a person saying, ' I can make a bird appear from nowhere ".... and you will pay him to prove it. And you will go away thinking that there is a power on this earth, and you want it..
    One must know the truth in order to tell a lie. the ignorant pay for it, the masses pay for it in more ways than just money. People lose their own psychological grip in pursuit of what they think is real, or right, or righteous etc.... The Most High says to "Read in HIS Name and that He will Guide you...
    Fasting and worship (not prayer) are the means by which The Presence of Allaah can be brought into ones Mind and ultimately the heart...the true center of power within the body.. we , most... are taught to live through stimulus and sensation and the hope of things through the mind and the apparent environment..the sensational environment. But as the saying goes, there are no atheists in the foxholes baby... we come around sooner or later.. Taqwa is the maintenance of keeping The Creator in Mind with the intent of communication, confirmation and certainty. Allaah Discloses HimSelf as HE Wills! To any of His servants/slaves that approach Him through The Guidance HE has sent down into this world, through His Prophets.
    I seek refuge in Allaah from Shaytaan The Cursed.