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Good point Fine1952! His perspective, might be somewhat diminished by the Black Male to Black Female ratio here in Atlanta. In fact, he reminded me of Michael Baisden in many ways. The poem Infinite recited was about how Black Women are always accusing Men of watching porn, while watching and lusting after White Women on Sex and the City. Soft "Cotton Candy" Porn- he called it. Reading flesh magazines like Essence, books about getting their groove back, he called it gay porn. He said the Women are just as into porn as the Men. Sounds just like something Michael Baisden would say. He went into metaphysics when he broke down Soul mates, Pole mates and Hole mates. I can't remember all of it, but it dealt with homosexuality.

I was surprised to see Dr. Ray Hagin on Michael Baisden's his Cable show called "Baisden After Dark." It appears Dr. Hagin is one of his mentors. Now..I wouldn't be too quick to call Michael Baisden "conscious" - but perhaps he is, I'm still wondering about some of his motives.

Hagin: Christianity and World Conquest ep.1​


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