African Traditional Religion : conscious; imagining; lucid dream state.

Jan 22, 2001
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I will immerse further into soul traveling and how you can get to galactic travel (someday). See you after the holidays.

Oh Boy! That sounds exciting! I wanna go! :)

Have fun, travel safe, and we're always here if you get back early! :)

Much Much Love and Peace.




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Apr 17, 2018
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Traveling out of the body is a form of lucid dream states, remembering who you are and where to go once you remember how to bounce out is called soul traveling this a proper title rather than astral traveling. This vessel is your body and it is protecting a being, a being who is wearing a living breathing spacesuit. This is no suit like on television this suit doesn't need communication devices, or helmet and no breathing tanks necessary. Your suit has a onboard septic tank and a forcefield system to protect you, we just need to clean it and park it for a period of time for replenishment. If you look at this body as a suit you are wearing it will prepare your mind for when you choose to bounce out, it prepares you for the truth, that you are capable of performing great things and you are not of this world, you do not have to conform to it. We all have the same capabilities when it comes to power and how we choose to express this power depends on many factors but first lets understand more of the god-power called Chi. Its known all over the world as power, gods power, presence of god, zeal, etc. Its your center and is what animates you the body. If you wish to know more on really unleashing this power which can beneficially influence your health, you can begin with the chakras, these light centers of the body binds spirit and mind, I encourage you to learn more. We are like raindrops each descending from the sky with its own directives, with its own space and time, some will make it to earth others will give themselves to the atmosphere. Even today some have very short lives and return again and again like a flickering light, while others light is a beacon for not just ones self but for others to grow along there journey and learn from. You don't remember the past lives by choice because if you did, well then you could not be authentic to your godship meaning you have to come here immortal and live as if you have no clue you are the living god who made self man; in as of himself just to return someday where man will overcome this dying world. When you are ready you will know the good book has been all about you thus everyday of every moment. All that has happened in this life time of yours is in the good book or it is telling you what will happen so you can add to your journey or journal, good, bad and indifferent. Past lives are like a percolating coffee system dripped into this life some remember and retain telepathy while others have recurring dreams of glory. These are all what slowly drips back into each lifecycle and on each living return you recall, I prefer to say that you have episodes of remote viewing, we have all been or seen something that recalls feeling of remembrance. If you practice the mind will activate that part of your brain but only if you use it will that become stronger for you and there are websites on remote viewing to help. Also a strong spirit is a must if you do not have a strong spirit (faith in self belief, self confidence, and imagination)you must still the body and quiet the mind which I have brushed up on in previous post. If you lack the mental fortitude then your brain has accepted the worlds belief system and your brain has been hijacked. To this person brain and mind are the same things and cannot unite heart and brain(the upper and lower Kmt). They will not grasp this concept that god immersed himself in his creation to witness redemption, that the mind of god is the mouth of man and that the mind of man is god's eyes and that is how man imagines his world.
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