Black People Politics : Congressman Reintroduces Bill to Find Remedies for Reparations; Michael Eric Dyson Has an Option for


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Aug 28, 2015
Congressman Reintroduces Bill to Find Remedies for Reparations; Michael Eric Dyson Has an Option for ‘Woke’ White People


By no means a new concept, the issue of reparations for slavery is back in the news and gaining attention. The argument that America owes a debt to Black people for hundreds of years of enslavement — followed by years of Jim Crow segregation and the current, persistent institutional racism — goes to the heart of the nation’s founding. Reparations is the movement to seek redress for America’s original sin and the years of Black free labor, pain and suffering that built the world’s greatest empire, amassed corporate wealth and created intergenerational white wealth.

As we Black Americans find ourselves at a crossroads — with viral “whitelash” on the ascendancy, a heightened assault on our rights and no longer having a Black president to mask the lack of progress — now is an opportune time to push the issue in the public conscience. As society remains clueless about the debt it owes, and with white folks as a whole in denial about racism in general, the idea of reparations needs to be put in their faces, like a drumbeat, each and every day. For a Black community that is increasingly politically conscious and searching for a cause to champion, what have we got to lose?

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This movement will NEVER come to fruition until and/or unless it becomes majority colored, black and governed by such. White people see little to NO compelling reason to provide reparations to the millions of African Americans that live in this country today. What does this even look like? Does every black person have to prove that they were descendants of slaves? How much are we talking about? This sounds like another distraction to having to do something more concrete and meaningful for our community.


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