Black Poetry : congratulations to Malinda & Nick

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    the near north
    you've brought a Queen into the world
    MaKaila Nicole--a bouncing baby girl
    you've put her on the path...for honor...for right
    a bright, shining star
    in a dark, stormy night

    fresh cuts and gear
    you know how we do
    showered with love
    with much respect due

    A Nubian Princess...with vision
    seeing beyond the dark times
    mental...groomed and tyyght
    as she yells...RESPECT IS MINE

    Not from the dirty souff
    but her roots run very deep
    Moms from da Alabam
    Pops be drinking Texas Tea

    And MaKaila will say:

    attenuation of the mind
    focused on what i need to be
    not chasing cheddar through the streets
    but doing the things that's right for me

    wrapped in a smooth, second skin
    not in it to lose parents will teach me how to win
    standing {nineteen inches}...even now, steeped in skillz
    chocolate-toned sistah with armor-plated will
    don't have to do nothing to make my presence known
    spitting rhymes from the streets
    straight off da dome

    heard me

    MaKaila Nicole Grimes
    birthed: 18 August 2001

    ready to rock.