Black Entertainment : Congratualations To Brother maxwel

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    Apr 26, 2004
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    i came running here like Heidy running down a hill

    yall guys may go like Ok

    i dont care..:)

    between all the bad things happening in the world just wich are the
    sign of the times ,not only haiti tsunamies ,wich Jezus spoke about..
    all i can do ,is pray try to "'help somebody"' good song came in great timming

    i just wanna say though its a reward for youre musicalgift and performens
    (and you will reseave a greater reward when you continue in love
    when we will be judged and when we,ll live in Sion..reigning as Kings and queens) i still want to say he well deserved it ..

    he spread out His wings and flows like an eagle now..

    just wanted to let you know...

    we got youre back ..

    ok let me speak for myself ..:)

    you got a little sister up here ( i dont know how old this man is )

    that got youre back...

    in prayer ..

    i can say that this man has a great anointing with his voice ..
    when he will grow in Gods love and reaseave His unconditional love this voice will develop even more
    to a higher level i heard it when he sand "this womans work"'

    when this man wil record a Gospel cd one day (beside a cd about his life thought about life ,relationship)
    i,m telling ya the devil is going to run..... hahah

    i came from church yesterday ..(praying in the mean time lol)
    i came home and put on the tv on ..
    and saw it jumped and almost hit my head Lol

    i do think in the future the band should have a warmer sound..
    and i think this man can maybe play an instrument to ..
    and put more of his musical gifts also in the production..

    i listened to the album..
    its was beautifull

    and i fell in love with one song compleetly..

    his voice needs rest (manager get out of my way looooooooool let me speak now )

    there was a little emotional knod there in his voice
    but that is going to be alright..

    he needs to be serounded with good people now...
    familie friends,load up with Gods ove and his word..

    cause in this workfield bussnes there are a lot of wolfs..

    keep youre humble bright spirrit ..

    shine beautifull brother

    (eops minuts trough) i come back to finished and encouriage you with more compliments)