Congo : Congolese Woman Sets Herself on Fire Over Racism

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    Congolese Woman Sets Herself on Fire Over Racism





    A Belgian woman of Congolese origin recently set herself alight in the centre of Luxembourg City, Belgium to protest against racism. Maggy Delvaux-Mufu set herself alight in the middle of Place d'Armes telling witnesses that she was doing it to protest against racism, moments before she carried out the desperate act which has left her in hospital fighting for her life, Association de la presse panafricaine(APPA) reported.

    Delvaux-Mufu, a mother of three in her forties, had previously alerted several national newspapers that she would be burning herself alive on place des Martyrs. She had even communicated
    the exact time. She then set out accompanied by her husband to walk through the centre of town to her macabre rendezvous.

    The police were alerted and officers were deployed to the Rousegärtchen. The woman, however, changed her plan when she came across a group of journalists gathered to cover an event organised by the 'Mouvement écologique' on Place d'Armes, opposite the Cercle municipal. She soaked herself in petrol before confronting the members of the press, announcing that she was about to sacrifice her life to protest against racism. Moments later, she struck a match, turning herself into a human torch in front of hundreds of people.

    The scene made several people feel unwell and many witnesses who filled the square at lunchtime were traumatised by the woman's shrieking screams of unimaginable pain.

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    Here's another version of the story :

    Another added note ...

    I haven't been able to find a copy of the letter they say she wrote, as it would be nice to read it too.


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    Here's the Letter she sent that Thursday..

    As agreed on the phone, I send you herewith copies of documents
    could demonstrate discrimination in administering the government of Mr.
    Juncker towards my family. This attitude leads to bankruptcy three teenagers
    innocent ... We live in Luxembourg last seven years: Olivier Delvaux, 45,
    mechanical engineer and electricity, his wife Maggy Mufu Mpia, 44,
    accounting and their three children. Having left the bank where he worked for because
    economic in December 2002, my husband and I decide to partner for
    create a society. We have the opportunity to buy a Citroën garage
    Oberwampach where we reside for seven years.
    Inquiry, the husband of my diploma recognized by the Ministry of
    Education gave him access to the profession of garage. We begin the
    dealings with banks to buy the property and request approval
    Trade with the Middle Classes in March 2003. In June 2003 we
    get the negative response of the Middle Classes, saying that would Delvaux M
    unable to manage the garage. Surprised by this response, we introduce a
    administrative appeal with many supporting documents to indicate that Mr. Devaux was
    all abilities to use the garage. Silence to the middle classes.
    We insist as Mr. H (...) the seller and the banks are getting impatient.

    Here begins the assault course: the Middle Classes awaiting response
    House of trades which we refer to the Ministry of Education. In
    September 2003, we ask MR (...) to introduce a motion with the
    Administrative Court of Luxembourg. Since that time, we are on the list
    black administration, obtain any information becomes impossible:
    we hung up the nose, we are told to "go home if we are not
    happy to live in Luxembourg ... "

    In January 2004, the Administrative Court annulled the decision of the Department of Classes
    medium and my husband receives permission to stay. Having lost accreditation
    Citroën, my husband is involved to get it: hire a technician, pay
    of training and more. He applied for grants from the Ministry of
    Middle classes when he receives official permission to practice. No response
    neither positive nor negative, while the state has expanded the categories of investment
    eligible ... SNCI and banks refuse us credit pretexts
    misleading: the Mutual Aid to Artisans we refuse his bail without

    He brought in February 2004 the request to hire an intern to ADEM (ndr:
    employment administration) and the Chamber of Crafts for Citroen requires two
    technicians in the garage. In July 2004, a student living Derenbach, the village
    neighbor comes for a job. My husband asked him to appear on 4
    August to sign the contract. At the scheduled time, the trainee does not. Mr.
    Delvaux phone to the mother of a young man, it teaches him that the House
    Trades (MDC) said that the garage Delvaux is not capable of forming a
    Intern. Recalling the CDM for an explanation, he laughs at her nose
    saying he can still file a complaint or leave etc.. In June 2004, our lawyer
    had filed a petition for damages, counsel for the Department is not given
    not even bother to reply. Today my family and I are addicted
    RMG (ndr: Guaranteed Minimum Income) to live, we are no longer able
    epayment of our debts, our economies are swallowed by the expenses
    Luxembourg State has forced us to take no other reason than the

    Also, whenever I see in the newspapers that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    is a good student of the European Union, that Mr Juncker is the first Mister Euro
    when I see this country be prepared to preside over the destiny of the EU, I become
    positive patient. I am against all forms of violence, but every day my
    family and I suffer the moral violence on the part of the administration of M
    Juncker, harassment, insults and so on.

    In a few days, we'll probably have to file for bankruptcy and all our
    dignity simply for wanting to work in Luxembourg (...).

    Does this happen to immolate themselves in the public or take hostage
    innocent children to be heard in the heart of Europe? Mine are
    hostage since December 2002 and will soon be homeless (...).

    "Ms. Devaux-Mufu"
    The full report that contained this letter can be found at

    It's in French so you may have to use Google Language tools to translate it.
    The section that this letter comes from is worth a read.. it has other instances
    of Racism straight Jim Crow..

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