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Jun 12, 2007
Love to all,

From the Congo, the heart. Peace and love. what is up with you all? What is the problem? Why can't you get it together? What is your problem? I am here to help. There is a serious problem going on in America and it involves the blacks. Why can't you connect? What has drawn or taken you so far apart from one another? Why do you hate one another so? What is your problem?

It frightens me what I see here. Have you forgotten the RULE of LIFE? Have you forgotten what the fathers TAUGHT? It was LOVE. Have you forgotten the first LAW of the WORLDS? It was to LOVE one another. How can you claim to know GOD, the allmighty and not know your brother or sister? You can not. The hatred I see here in the EYES of the black male for his counter-part is sickening, repulsive, embarrasing, worth throwing up over. I can not believe what I have encountered here in the Land of the Snakes.

Since when did a man forget his mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister and brother? Since when did it become okay to BELIEVE that words and money (education) was worth more than FAMILY? How dare the BELIEVERS of such! Where is the integrity, devotion, love, humility of such? Where is the FAMILY I ask? Where is it?

What has the African man in America become since he was CAPTURED? What has he become? Why was he not strong enough to ENDURE? What happened to him that was so traumatic that he he chose to allow his only HOPE, his woman, his mother, his daughter to have to ENDURE and stand in his stead? What KIND of MAN could stoop to such? What happened to the black man in America?

I could ask that question a thousand times I guess but for ME the answer would still be the same. As an African from the heart of Africa there is NO EXCUSE for what I have witnessed, encountered in America, as for the state of the Negroes in America. It has been too long for no PROGRESS to have taken place as to the state of the AFRICANS in America.

I am saddened, humiliated and angry at what I have encountered here in this great country when it comes to my father, my brother and uncle. Is what I have seen all the strength that you have been able to muster? Is this all the courage and love you have been able to produce? You desire to blame me but the lie that you have believed is just that, a lie. We protected as best we could what was ours except for a few traitors, but you seem to be suicidal. What is that? We were NEVER a people who believed in such. We never gave up. We fought to the death. Suicide was and is not in our GENES. Where did you learn such? Not from us. You have believed the LIE of your FORE-FATHERS, told by the white man. The white man has always been a liar. Remember? Did you forget that too?

He came to our land to steal, kill, destroy and rob. Yes, we believed that he was as US, a HU-MAN. We were mistaken. Okay, we paid the price for believing. But now we KNOW and GOD is still on our side. The Devil can not be reformed. We learned that much too. There is no love in him to be found. He can not find that special love, that love that surpasses all. It is not in him. He tries to capture it but it is too far beyond him. GOD decided it that way and if you actually have a problem with it, then ask GOD.

He saw our Gold and it drove him "Crazy". He had never seen such. He saw the unity and it "blinded" him. He saw the caravans traveling and it "crippled" him. He could not believe that such PEACE existed. He was a race, union, caravan of CHAOS, DISFUCTION, TURMOIL and WANDERING. He was homeless, therefore, he was a fugitive, a vagabond, and we welcomed him.

We made a mistake, we welcomed him. We thought he was a HU-MAN. We thought, believed him to be CIVILIZED, EMOTIONAL. We thought he was just another REGULAR hu-man. He was not. He was THE ONE that we had been warned of, taught of, had waited for for centuries but hadn't truly believed in. He was the DEVIL in the FLESH, and he was not a HU-MAN, he was an ANIMAL in the flesh of a HU-MAN. He was untrained, unlearned, ferocious, blood-thirsty. We had not encounterd anyone or anything like him before and we were ASTONISHED! We were 2,000 years AHEAD of him and we were astonished indeed because he WALKED. He could do nothing else, but he WALKED. We did not know it was a feat that he had only recently accomplished. So the ANIMAL became a man to us.

He took us over through his DECEIT, his wickedness, his treachery, his love of our Gold and Ivory. His laziness. He was no good and all his traits were those of the animals that we knew. He was an ANI-MAL in every way. But because we were a merciful people, we forgot the RULES. We forgot what our fathers told and taught us about ANIMALS and never to forget.

So we are the blame in a way of the CAPTURE but not totally.

You have had every opportunity to escape, to leave, to return HOME but you have chosen NOT to. You believe the LIES of the Americans. You do not believe in your people. You give me Oprah. I tell you in truth Oprah will produce young black girls who will become indiferent to their plight.

To con't...................

Jan 22, 2001
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Congo ... Hello and Welcome ... :wave:

You had originally posted the above in the "Care to Introduce Yourself" thread, and i moved it to its own thread, as it surely seemed worthy. I hope you don't mind.

You have presented quite a few complaints regarding Africans in America, and i understand how you might feel this way.

The manner in which you level these complaints against your Sisters and Brothers in America, suggests that all is well in our Beloved Africa. Is this what you are saying to us? That you have cleaned up Africa, and now are moving into the world-wide community, to do the same? You are here to help us, do as you have done? Have you brought with you, the tools you used to free yourself from the world-wide oppression of others? You talk of Africans in America, as though Africans, everywhere else in the world, have no need for improvement.

Africans, no matter where we are in the world, are in trouble.

There are African babies dying daily, and it doesn't seem that any of us can stop it, including you. Yet you skip right over the dying babies, to come here and talk of your disappointment regarding Africans in America? Do you think there is no humiliation, sadness, and anger when viewing images like this? It should make absolutely no difference, where in the world our hungry and homeless babies are, we should be feeding them, not pointing fingers at each other. There has to be a better way, especially considering, we're all in the bottom of the same slave ship.

While Oprah may not have the final solution to hunger and poverty, those babies she's looking after, will eat every day.

I am glad that you joined us, and shared your thoughts.

Please make yourself at home, because you are.

Much Love and Peace.




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Dec 27, 2005
greetings congo (simba simbi)

After reading your post I can understand your 'frustration' and instead of debating/explaining the various situations to you I am asking you a question...

what can we as people practically do to better ourselves with each other?

All over the world people are more fixated on maintaining their basic needs because the world system we live in today helps create such disparities, despite the claims.

International aid and economy still failing sub-Saharan Africa.

Northern Uganda: Hidden War and Massive Suffering. Another White People's War for Oil

As stated before I will not debate with you..we all have to consider the various mindsets that exist across all the walks of life we have traveled, the positive and negative ones....what can we do now with each other instead of maximize the differences while not trying to realize the process of there "coming into being" in the first place?


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