Black Poetry : Confusion - Somewhere we lost our path!!


Some where along the way we lost our way
temptation clouded our minds, love past away
Money is the biggest addiction separates our families
makes us forget why we are mommys and scares away daddy
responsiblities that are priorities are less than accepted
when red dot sale hits the weekend and the car note is neglected
labels classes in society, that shatters any race or gender
my brothers keeper cant spare a dime if he cant share it with his sister
because the lottery takes precendence over what should be on the table
like dinner for the innocent who did not ask to be but you did them the favor
where can I find some peace without having to have some gold behind it
cant even pray in Gods house for a blessing without a pastor asking me to buy it
Its the root to all our evils, its stresses us to all be damned
Its not a blessing like Gods love but no one seems to understand
we all were given life to be all given a chance
to share ones joy of being to be blessed and understand
that love is valued more than money it can not be bought or put on sale
it comes naturally from the soul from the heart not about getting a piece of tail
but finding peace in one self and sharing your worth with others to better the world
but money comes first and if you dont look like you got none then you wont be looked at by a boy or girl
who rather see a lexus then a pinto with some rims
who looks at you funny when your timberlands say TIMS
or you wear a ponytail and a T shirt, old sneaks and some faded jeans
instead of the sista wearing gucci, and Parasuco instead of Lees
yeah somewhere we lost our path my sisters and brother we sure are sad
we only learn to be thankful for what we have when it becomes what we HAD



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