Black Poetry : confused mean mixed up use knowledge to fix a corrupt situation so Twix me a cup of coffee and some toast bread I really hate to boast about what I sa


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May 11, 2006
confused mean mixed up
use knowledge to fix a corrupt
situation so Twix him a cup
of coffee and some toast
bread he really hate to boast
about what he said the growth
of HIPHOP will explode and host
rappers he's here to post chapters
eat strange food
now has a change of mood
knowledge rearrange his attitude
proceed with action
that'll lead him to satisfaction
see a chick hope not fatal attraction
he need to talk to Glen Close
and then post
getting strange greeting
need to arrange a meeting
even the dumb learn
to come to terms
about sex
he satop to text
now he see a chick
he got to be quick
outside are wet tempts
it hard to get a glimpse
at whose pass his spot
in his yard grow grass a lot
OK its a **** shame
drink champagne
this is a campaign
to attract girls
and pack worlds
with love talk
he's wiser than a dummy
and like the energizer bunny
have a dope battery
and hope for the strategy
to get a date
and some wet cake
“LOOK BOO you a black Soul Sista
got static in your flirt
which is dramatic work
even in the attic you flirt
he's had it and now alert
on a STARTREK like Captain Kurt
to boldly put his thing where
no other man has put it there
before and that's under her skirt
he wonder about her desserts
this is a production right
and like a construction site
try lay frequent cement
so boo he need love that's recent
on the beach reach for California
then mix bleach with ammonia
come up with chlorine gas
while she be a queen with class
oh her coo-chee soft galore
like the sands offshore
he plans to toss galore
tongue down her throat
then float around in a boat
he will explain in bed he adore
her body love you boo,” “NAW PLAYER
she remember she was flirting after a kiss
wasn't quite certain about this
a boy grab her waist
to have at her lace
and wanted some
oh she was so hot down there
he jest kissed lips couldn't go anywhere
her dress is down
and her breasts got a pound
of milk and her gown is silk
her hips round and built
in bed under a brown quilt
but in the club check
the love and respect
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH and shop
a lotn't go anywhere
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