Confused And Hurt


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May 6, 2003
I have a problem. Two guys want to go with me but I don't know what to do. They are both ok looking. But I just got out of a bad relationship. My ex told my best friend today that he really wants to go with my other best friend. He just went with me because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. But I believe he just told my friend that because the things we shared they couldn't have been fake. If this is really true why couldn't he just tell me hisself. My best friend said that she wouldn't go with him cause he's not her type. What should I do?


Jun 29, 2004
i think that u should wait for a min before u go with them boys cause it seem like u still like ur ex. Maybe you just wanna go with them boys cause u wanna prove to urself that ur over ya ex.I did the same things, i went with someone else to prove to myself i was over my ex, but it was all just a waste of time in the first place cause i was forcing myself to believe i was over him, but i really wasn't.I had to heal first before i could really move on. But listen to ya heart.


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May 16, 2004
iight ima try to stay in orda....

1. 2 guys want u- dang i kno u feel great thats mo than me.... but u dont decide who u want be looking at the physical features- u prolly kno that- and if u dont kno off hand who u really want- my best observation is u dont need either one then- cuz u'll kno if u kno if u want to be wit someone- it would be a choir to find out......

2.u say u jus got out of a relatioship... how old r u? wat type of relationship... how long... cuz if it was sumin deep and heartfelt then u gonna need some time to recover whether u want to admitt it or not... we all need time to refind ourselves after being committed to someone.... its called growth.....

3.and the relationship u was in... musta wasnt that good if ur ex is now tryin to get wit ur friend... he shoudlnt have been someone u was wit fromt he get go if he tryin to play u like that afta wards( no offense)_ if this is the same guy

4.u say the feeling couldnt have been fake... how u kno... and if thats so... what others reason would he tell ur freind that.. u need to think about some other angles..... he may have been loving u for real... but if it was real then he wouldnt disrespect u by saying all he is....regaurding yall relatiohsip and his wants now...( hope that makes sense)

5.tell u himself... see some guys like to play games jus like lots of woman.... or he may be really did care about u enuf to not want to hurt u .....( i have a situation simular- ill share at the end)

6.the friend said he's not her type... thats the wrong answer.... if she was ur friend she should be saying that even if he was her tyoe and she was feelin the whole thing nothing could ever happen cuz u her gurl....

sumin simular happen to me.... i gave my ex screen name to one of my friends .. so they could chat.. they start callin each other and talking... she calls me(he tells me afta she brings it up- his excuse was he aint no how i was gone take it) tellin me she wants to see where this is gonna go- A) do i get mad at myslef for "setting" things up B) mad at her for "crossing the line" C) if he's happy i'm happy D) at like i dont care when i do....

in my opinion when it comes to the friend thing- theres jus some lines u dont cross
and about the 2 guys- u kno want u really need- not want- need- so follow ur heart.....

hope i didnt sound all motherly and stuff... jus trying to lay some advice down if i did....



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May 16, 2004


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Mar 26, 2004
high school student
Aw,I understand how you feel.Guys...well,some guys just don't know how to let people down easily and people mess up...I'm not saying that he didnt like you or whateva but maybe he was just feeling you and then the feelings died.I'd say move on with ya life and please you the way you know how.And until a person comes that completely knocks you off your feet don't worryin about stressin' yourself over it.Just keep your head up and everything will be ok :wink:

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