Black Poetry : Conformity


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Oct 8, 2001

What constitutes the greatest bondage?
That which exists between a man and a woman
In holy wedlock – emphasize the lock -
And don’t tell me I can choose to be
with whomever I choose to be:
there is such a thing as social conformity.
Here is the great leader ready to give his speech,
shoving his married platitude forward:
“this wonderful woman without whose support
I would not be standing here today!”
and expected response: “I am so proud of him!”
thus stating they are living in social approval.
All's well with the world.

Of course, the children aren’t supposed to know
about the "Playboys" under the mattress in the den;
or mom’s dalliances with the hotel manager
and they do try not to mention
each other’s previously failed relationships,
in previously blissful matrimony!
Nor are the people casually picked up
in bars or elevators at the convention
ever mentioned:
they are the ones who can do no wrong.
There’s always some obvious scapegoat:
a Royal Family squabble; a child molester,
a rapist or a terrorist
available to sate front page readers;
the show must go on.

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