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    ON MARCH 9TH, THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF NOTORIOUS B.I.G. THE TRUTH SHALL SET HIP HOP FREE…….. “Confessions of A B.E.T. Producer” The Documentary CONFESSIONS, sheds light on cash for play and if it true and the impact on what you see. CONFESSIONS, acknowledges the purposeful and deviant behavior toward women in hip hop encouraged by B.E.T. programming, and the V.P.’s “brown paper bag” rule. CONFESSIONS answers why majority of your favorite artists get no video rotation. COFESSIONS informs on the less than positive opinion B.E.T executives have openly expressed toward the B.E.T. audience. CONFESSIONS, exposes the false advertising on “106&Park Live”. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! David K. Far-El, aka Dbrad, and former producer for B.E.T’s “Rap City Tha Bassment” invites you to take a ride back in time. Not far, just back to 1999 when hip hop was still all good. In1999, Bob Johnson sold B.E.T. and there was a visual movement in hip hop led by a new, updated version of RapCity called “Rap City Tha Bassment”. Out were Joe Clair and Big Lez and in was Big Tigger. Let’s go back to 1999 when Rap City Tha Bassment was innovating, supporting emerging artists and labels such as: Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, as well as the emergence of RocAFella yall! David unleashes many of the hidden keys to the urban music industry. “CONFESSIONS OF A B.E.T. PRODUCER” is the real “Secret”. David was a major visual influence in the growth of the new, post-Bob Johnson B.E.T. era. He was also an early visual influence in the careers of artists such as Eve ,among others, as well as being the creator of B.E.T. “Spring Bling”. Anything you thought was foul about B.E.T. and the music industry…CONFESSIONS will confirm it for you! “CONFESSIONS OF A B.E.T. PRODUCER” ALL THINGS MUST COME TO AN END………
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    Permit my perspective plez,

    This Brotha is whinning. This brotha is jus like Ed Gordon and Tavis Smiley who jus mad cause the batuuree (european) put them out his house(the house was neva "owned" by Johnson). and what happens when they are put out: confessions emerge, secrets revealed and all of a sudden the former, disgruntled employees become pro-black on their positions. whateva.

    how in the hell yu gon tell me yu down with the cause of the Afrikan people and yu went to Luke (the booty shaking, naked video King against our women) to create that "Spring Bling" non-sense? and then he gon say he's basically responsible for Michael Baisden's send off. like that means something if he was. like Baisden is down for the cause.

    these cry babies should save this :puke2: for somebody who cares...