Chief Elder Osiris : Condoleeze Rice And Colin Powell, Afrikan american Conformist

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved I have watch the debate concerning the worth and value of the likes
    of a Condolezze Rice and Colin Powell, Afrikan americans that they are.

    Regardless of how we attempt to style the status of the likes of Afrikan
    americans, whose behavior and attitude is liken to that as Miss Condolezza
    and Mr. Powell and label such as successful Afrikan american with a
    suggestion that all Afrikans in america should covet them as role models for
    all Afrikans in america to aspire to be just as they are in america.

    The fact is, the Afrikan americans have to meet certain mental criteria in
    order to be able to qualify as a successful Afrikan america, who is afforded
    certains rights in order to appear to be equal in the eyes of america laws.

    To this day, there is no right that an Afrikan america or an Afrikan in
    america has that the controlling americans must respect and such rights the
    Afrikan american might experience, is allowed with conditions.

    So beloved, tell me, do you really think that miss Rice and Mr. Powell and
    their likes, could have achieved the status allowed for them to experience,
    if they had acted as a True Afrikan Proper and so declared their solvency of
    life and a need for the restoration of their Human Rights first?

    Would such an attitude have given them the opportunity to exercise their
    independent right to choice, without all of the requirements so placed upon
    Afrikans in america in order to be able to be an Afrikan with dignity that
    is not tainted with the requirement of Afrikan conformism to america way of
    life thinking?

    Miss Rice and Mr.Powell and their likes, have been rewarded to the level of
    appeared excellency, not based on their own independent ability but based
    upon the approval by meeting certain required mental and attitudal behavior
    which so demand that a definite way of life be conformed to and that way of
    life is that which has been so structured by the ruling class of america,
    thus converting them to become adopted Afrikan americans.

    Now if such life restraints is of no bother to the Afrikan psychic and such
    become the Afrikan desire to conform to the ways and action of the
    ethno-centralism habits of america, then such become that Afrikan choice,
    but do not attempt to hold up these Afrikan american as being the paragon of
    Afrikan life in america and suggest that all Afrikans in america, here by
    way of the middle passage, should be proud and pleased with the ways,
    attitude, behavior and conformity of the self confessed Afrikan american,
    having no rights of privilege, except that which the ruling class so extend
    to the conforming Afrikan american.

    We become so dishonest when in our haste to justify the life style of the
    likes of a Condolezze, Colin, Oprah, Willie Brown, as long as they meet our
    flawed level of acceptable behavior and conditional success, but a Clarence
    Thomas we frown upon, when in actuality, there is no difference between them
    all, because they are all Afrikan american conformist, without independent
    of thought.

    We are also being dishonest when we make claim that our Enslaved Ancestors
    work to provide us the opportunity to become an Afrikan american successful

    Our Enslaved ancestors worked because they were forced to do so and they had
    no hand in structuring the constitution of america, the document that claim
    to make america what she is today, not her streets, buildings and railways,
    such is the external superficial structure of america, it is the rule of law
    that govern america that make america what she is today as well as yesterday
    and our Enslaved Ancestors played no part in structuring such Racist and
    Prejudice documents, which america stand upon then and now.

    The True Afrikan in america is the non-conformist and those are the Afrikans
    that know the true essence and behavior of america and what is required to
    become a Condolezze or a Colin Powell and their likes, so no, they are no
    role models of mine, because they fail to do the right things when they are
    in those momentary position of high esteem and that is, tell the Truth about
    what is required of america in behalf of the Afrikan in america, here by way
    of the middle passage, but no they do not, they are to busy conforming to
    the ways, behavior and thoughts of the ruling class in and of america.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant,Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    Copyright @ 2005
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    Excellent Chief Elder Osiris medasse pa, would you please post this on the other site in which you have a place medasse pa