Black People : Concrete Poetry

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    Alright now no more fooling
    Stand back a moment ladies
    The fellows will be hitting hard.

    Come with nothing but solid drops​

    Slam the words onto the canvass
    Drop a line or two
    Make it hot

    Bring it to the jungle
    Slam it to the ground

    Rock the page
    Spit out some rage
    If that is what you got

    Just drop it like concrete
    Poetry solid ... concrete poetry

    Just the other day
    Man it pissed me off
    The judge agreed with the police about a ticket that I got

    The ticket said I was speeding
    I called the policeman a ball faced lie
    The cop grabbed his belt
    Unsnapped the piece
    He must have thought I would melt

    I stared him down like a natural man
    I pointed my finger at the judge

    I said “ No disrespect “ Your honor
    But this man is a nervous wreak
    He looks a little trigger happy … to me
    He should be given a day off to collect

    He was sleep when I passed him
    It was another car speeding by
    He wants to make his quota nothing else

    I asked what the speed limit is
    In that zone, he said it was 35
    I pulled out a picture of the
    Same area in question.

    The sign had different speeds on each side
    “ I said conflict of interest”

    I moved to be set free
    “ Oh the cop was mad, the judge just laughed and said
    “ Sir I guess you proved a point to me!

    Case dismissed