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To Chevron Dove,
Your posts are seemingly a million places at once and clear sophistry and I'm trying to figure out where to start. You mention that David was brown and ruddy and esau was white and ruddy so ruddy means one thing when you want it to and another thing when you don't.

I found a ridiculous discussion on another website that sounded like it was written by 2 year olds but they mentioned one thing the stood out which was the original hebrew word that is often translated as ruddy and it was adama which means red (or some derivative from adama).

Inititially they showed pictures of sunburned white people saying the were edomites and then changed them to one picture of a ridiculously hairy white guy. They may never have seen a real life white person in there life not even on tv judging by the shock to see such horrific pictures.

I assume you know that many black men have plenty of hair on there bodies and many white men dont although, in general, white men have more body hair then black men, overal, it's not all one way and none of the other.

When I use the word race, I agree that it's a bad word to have to use and I only use it because i can' t think of a fitting replacement that others would agree with. I think it's better to use the word tribe but because so many people have lost track of what tribe they are from and so many people claim to be from tribes that they are not from, that it is not longer that simple.

When i use the word race for any group of people, i mean for it to include, not just color, but features and hair texture.

Also, Esau despising his birthright (inheritence) is not what I was referring to but his being duped by Jacob when Isaac was an old man for his blessing in the form of prayer. Jacob pretended to be Esau and got Esau's blessing (prayer) from Isaac so when Esau came back he found out that he had been decieved and cried and ultimately Isaac also gave him a blessing of his own. These are two seperate instances. I think the one you were talking about was the one where Esau was famished and hungry came inside and begged Jacob for lentils and Jacob only gave him lentils if Esau would give up his birthright (inheritiance rights for the firstborn son).

As for writing about the rugged style of the negroes (hard as nails, gangsta as f-ck style) while esau was just a herb and a punk, your funny wordplay on AbraHAM is pitiful. I don't think anyone logical would think that the ham in the english language part of abram (later changed to abraham)'s name was referring to the tribe of Ham in hebrew. maybe one day we'll get a book of hebrew etymology and see what we can find but its so ridiculously far fetched i would'nt consider it necessary my hebrew is non existent anyway (my arabic is semi conversant).

Anything else i missed i'll try to get to next week

ma'as salama
Hi @abuyusufalshafii ... Welcome Home ... :wave: :flowers: :wave:

It is good to have you back with us, please make yourself right at home, as you probably already know.

This is a great discussion. I do not know enough to add to it, but can certainly learn lots from it. Thank you.

I saw where you mentioned quoting posts, and I'd like to thank Brother @frankster for sharing with you on this too.

Below is a screenshot of the 3 step process to quote a post :


Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for coming home ... :love:

Much Love and Peace.


Please get back to me about the part about esau/edom when you get a chance

Hello. I did not realize that you had responded!
I will check back to respond back to you.
I read ahead and do not understand why you feel my response about AbraHam is ridiculous.
I am scratching my head on this.


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