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    In Africa today when a village suffers from lack of rain they began to perceive the gods are angry and start working towards a solution from that prospective or concept.
    This same pattern could be seen in Indians and several peoples who continue to perceive nature and gods.

    In ancient Egypt in times of harsh plagues the Pharaoh would order statues of Sekmet to be built and placed around the Kingdom. When the Egyptians would loose a battle or suffer a defeat they deduced the gods where angry and had abandoned them.

    What has happen to us that we no longer think and conceive like Africans?

    When I say slavery occurred to us because GOD was angry, I receive a lot of hate, anger, kicking and complaining from members that say I am an idiot for believing this and teaching this.

    Isn’t my concept no different from the original African way of perceiving the gods and major event rather those events be good or evil?

    What has happened to us that cause us to no longer think and perceive like Africans?

    I would think one would understand that before they can profess practicing an African religion one would understand that they are required to think like Africans.
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    I can understand this, and relate. I believe some get upset at the idea of the Father being angry with us because it implies that our ancestors must have done something wrong for them to be punished as they were.

    The truth is, we've all done something wrong, and many peoples have been placed under the bondage of slavery for their sins, so it wasn't anything new. I think where it really becomes heated is what we believe they had done wrong before the Father, and then that's where discussion takes a turn for the worst.

    However, if one doesn't want to hear the answer, they really shouldn't be asking the questions.

    As a Christian, myself, I believe all should be turned to the Father and the Son in trust and in faith, for the sacrifice in the Body that was made for us by the Son, so that we might have salvation. I don't think we should at all believe our ancestors were free of sin before the Father, because our sins were the very reason the Son was sent for us. And everything which has been done to us and those before us, has its reason, even if we can't comprehend it. I believe we all should believe in the Father's works and the Son's resurrection so that we might be redeemed, as he planned for us, and shouldn't get into spats over what was done wrong, because it should be already known, there was definitely something wrong done. But by His mercy and compassion, we can be justified still in Holy works.

    And I do have my beliefs as to what the things were, but overall, it's about us repenting for our wickedness so that we all might be saved.