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Nov 22, 2018
In a contemporary intelligence and with the rise of the global tech world, the role of desktop support technician is inevitable. A Desktop Support Technician is a professional, called when something goes erroneous with a desktop computer in their organization or at their designated field site.

They help in troubleshooting the issue for organizations to maintain the functionality of the system to be in line with business goals. Predominantly they are responsible for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of required software and hardware whether onsite or remotely, for client or colleagues. Desktop Support Technician is known as one of the backbones of IT organization. They are also accountable for groundwork, installation, and maintenance of end user workstation equipment (laptops/ desktops) and additional peripherals including IP telephones.

The maintenance activities will comprise the removal and replacement of computer devices. Working with computer vendor technical support desks and allied services as per the organizational procedures. The technician is involved in the set-up of software and hardware on various types of operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, and many more.
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