Black Poetry : Complex to reachVIRGINIA BEACH with text or speechshoot hoop with nerdsthen use a group of wordsto explain my dribble birdsfall from the skyand


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May 11, 2006
Complex to reach
VIRGINIA BEACH with text or speech
search for class
just to touch and grasp
much time pass but at last
get to rap with you to blast
words and crash verbs on a task
called grammar
it all hammer
some distinguish English
this stuff squeeze hope hand
able to cease a dope plan
sex is a wet alert
and a complex network
shoot hoop with nerds
then use a group of words
to explain my dribble birds
fall from the sky
and some believe they can fly
he'll never understand why
his signal is proper
he is the original author
“so boo lets take a serious ride
through the jungle a mysterious glide
girl hip hop devastated my life
with estimated price
this is hot and strange
and like a stock exchange
this is a commodity
let me kiss your body
“NAW PLAYER I'm a hottie
and my panties are wet
eat dinner and remain yet
to entertain sing and recite
her thing is to ignite
booty she is the right cutie
to strut that butt its her duty
there's a legal variety
against the evils of society
Rap great quotes
try and captivate folks
but need a map to locate hope
he wanna start down town
as her heart pound
he order pie
and its like a water supply
its all wet like a lake
so boys get cake
tell the story of wisdom
but like a circulatory system
it flow like blood
they give him no love
the master go to the club
wear a dew rag and equip
see a girl all that and a bag of chips
she's dressed in a mini-skirt
hips do plenty of work
when she walk and flirt
they jest be bouncing around
bouncing around boys really hound
LOOK BOO you a brown Soul Sister
and my whip is outside
and no doubt a ride
awaits us, NAW PLAYER when
it come to boys some win
with no outcome and then again
in an affair and shook
now prepare to cook
some food he's really hook
on her body he jest kissed
her lips in KROGER didn't miss
her red lips, he got her tongue
she was moving her thing some
“Aw girl I don't wanna come”
she say he broke the cassette deck
her coo-chee was wet as heck
he went beserk on her dessert
looked down and her skirt
was up
should not have left Krogers
oh his love perk like FOLGER'S
COFFEE, oh a boy goes crazy
when a girl thing flow gravy
she jest started scream
and say stuff so much steam
“oh a place to sleep
and my lace is deep
in the country he chase sheep
oh a ship sink
lips on my coo-chee is pink
so juicy on the brink
of success with breast
oh a small rocket
could be all chocolate
with the help of Hershey
oh bring some water thirsty
oh get sick fame
with a nickname
oh good grades in school
hood made so due to rule
oh mini-skirt
wit plenty flirt
oh thighs open
and pies smoking
a boy lies hoping
to get some
oh he tore it up
she was saying stuff like that

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