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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
First of all do you question the Divine Truth invested in that statement you are referencing and yes, I am the first victim of what I share to be the conduct of America and of Black Afrikan people, I never exclude myself from the trouble we have been made to be to ourselves by the fact of our being a not interested to be an organized Diaspora Black Afrikan people residing in America not by choice, so yes, I am in what is accepted to be the USA and my pain, my problems is no less because I am qualified to use common sense in recognizing the truthful soul use of the Black Afrikans in America not by choice living condition, the question is why is it that the Black Afrikans when presented with the Divine Truth about our condition and position in America and the world in general, we choose to focus not on the Divine Truth of our Living condition we choose to make implications otherwise that has no thought of the need of using common sense when responding to the Divine Truth about the status of Black Afrikan people in this white racist world.

Divine Respect

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Greetings Osiris Akkebala,

You stated: “…..we being a Race of people who use to think while living and that we are still as long as we remain in America the property of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being oligarchy now ruling the world that Black once Divine Beings now live in…..” With respect to that comment, and you have made it numerous times, my question to you is this: What physical space/place is your body occupying as you speak those words?

Nana Peggy

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Subject: The Art Of Deceiving

The Art Of Deceiving A Once Mighty Black Divine Universal Race

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

It had to take many millenniums to undo what Nature had done to have Black Universal Being to become and what that devilish Luciferian Human Being has caused us to be today, a worn and rejected Race of people we are, with no self-respect for the Black self, and because of our later individual self been made to reject our Black self, such mental treatment made us to become a race of people with no concern about the way we are treated by the white racist unjust prejudice world today and many years prior and hence to come..

What is wrong with Black Afrikan people to be in a condition that have made us not capable to see the evil that is inherit in White folks world today, we now is guided by a mind that have Black Afrikans without the ability to see the sign of Time we are living in today a Time that change not but is a witness to the change that takes place in the forever presence of unchanging events but keep Black Afrikans to be immune to events that cause change in the world of unchanging Time.

It Is A Pity And A Shame Black Afrikans Lost Our Divine Mind!!

You can not convince the believing Black Afrikans that we today function with a mind that is not a part of our Biological Design, we being a Race of people who use to think while living and that we are still as long as we remain in America the property of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being oligarchy now ruling the world that Black once Divine Beings now live in, doing so without power and authority over our Black believing self taking instruction from a race of people with a history of lying and deceiving the Black Afrikan Universal Divine Beings who use too live in compliance with the Divine Law of the Infinite Universe which have you living and thinking with a common sense of being in harmony, order, and balance with in the process of determining the facts of events that give cause to be thinking and determining the facts causing the events that affect the way you determine the Truth and Reality about the cause of the events that is effective in affecting your way of living.

What you are observing today being caused by the white racist world living ways today, it is not about your Black Afrikan behind being treated unjustly by the United States Of America, what you are looking at is not about you Black Afrikan Woman and Man, our state of oppression is not in question, there is no demand for justice for the crime Chattel Enslavement committed against our Black Afrikan Ancestors by racist prejudice Americans!!!

So, not until the crime of Chattel Slavery is condemned by America paying to our Enslaved Ancestors the Reparation/Repatriation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, Black Lives do not matter and by saying it does without the evidence to verify the value of Black lives, it proves the depth of Black Afrikans mental illness!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala



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