Black People : Common Sense 101-Why Do We Still Believe Marching And Holding Up Signs Will Defeat White Supremacy?

We have so many internal battles that is what is keeping us from being focused.
Too " Perception in their Minds is Reality "
So Play That in a real way.. We once got along.. read about that people
As a people we are reactionary.

While it may be true our people are reactionary, we have to realize that doesn't stop us from implementing a solution that takes their mental state into account. My reason for saying that is I have worked for major multinational companies solving problems. I have three primary skills: Attention to detail, critical thinking and problem solving. Six years ago I saw something that really shocked me. Melanin is worth more than gold. Three years ago a Twitter bomb was launched against African American women in particular and people of African ancestry in general. The Melanin Twitter Bomb attempted to use that information against us. That "reaction" led me to the realization the information where we see melanin is worth more than gold has a different effect on different people.

When we talk about a tipping point we are talking about something which is scientifically proven to be effective. It worked as part of the Suffrage movement and the civil rights movement. The tipping point is when water turns to ice at 32 degrees fahrenheit or vaporises at 212 degrees. Ten percent of a population holding an idea makes it spread rapidly through that population. That state change is essentially the same as when a cup of water begins to change temperature. Once ten percent of a volume of water reaches 32 degrees the rest of it rapidly freezes. It is basically a chain reaction.

We have the power to create such a reaction and change this planet when we get ready to simply by making it commonly known melanin is worth more than gold.

New grammar must necessarily create a new rhetoric. By saying "Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex" instead of racism/WS creates a new rhetorical framework. The way we think must necessarily change because we are using different grammar. When 10 percent of the global population uses grammar like melanin is worth more than gold and melanin challenged inferiority complex we will be living in a new era because our mental state has to change.
We once got along.. read about that people
That is something that I have studied. We have the makings of the African Ink Road in the USA. The African Ink Road went from as far south as KAduna in present day Nigeria to as far north as Timbuktu in Mali. They had an economy and educational system built on writing, copying and selling books. We have esssentially the same thing this very moment. We are calling it the Black Books Ecosystem. It was such a threat J. Edgar Hoover made it a major part of Cointelpro. The good thing is we can organize the BBE on a national level to help us get along. We have authors, publishers, printers, bookstores and distributors all working to generate product.

It works also to increase literacy which fights against the school to prison pipeline.
Holding signs and marching are means in which the aggrieved, the angry and the despondent can assuage their emotions.

I do not discount the many marches I see on TV. To me, seeing my people and those from other ethnic groups marching for Justice proves that we are right.

The marches and the signs will never convince the vile and the cruel that we are human. But it shows them that we will never give in.


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