Black People : Common Sense 101-Why Do We Still Believe Marching And Holding Up Signs Will Defeat White Supremacy?


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Feb 21, 2016
Now add kneeling down to this devils flag of imperialism as some sort of new wave of "activism".I been any and everywhere all over,yet this still confuses me to no end, yet the same people repeat the same brutality against us.

I see this new generation is hooked on this integrated and assimilated marching and protesting after every brutal act. Social media has taken over the will to get angry,instead twitter and facebook revolutions are happening with no results. Kneeling to a flag is now somehow the new revolutionary means to an end,that in reality will have no end.I'm here to bring sense to the senseless,you know me.Malcolm would be sick to his stomach seeing this. Bowing down to our enemy in an attempt to get the bully to stop bullying you and see you as equal and value your life is pathetic and utterly makes no sense. I feel it is more of a trendy promo,where twitter hashtags and college and millenial gatherings spring forth,other than the real justice to the black mothers and fathers,that lost sons,fathers,husbands,daughters and so on.

This approach will not work,it has never worked.The only thing the hostage taker will do is concede just enough to try and get you off the street,yet go back to the same violent and barbaric white supremacist tactics. This "new activism" via twitter,facebook and other social media and gen x actions has no goals and nothing has been accomplished.

Should've went back and studied the history of these beasts,before putting out this failed strategy.
ok, what is your plan ?????
It won't ever be this.....but yea there is a plan,one in which has been implemented by countless societies,and any organism on earth that is cornered and suppressed...But what they sure don't do is protest and kneel

the skinny jean integrationist minded generation now,won't go that route....too much white on the brain and in the


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