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    What is power?

    Power depends on habit.

    It is a conscious, ready act and being vigilant in practice.

    Being aware of the possession.
    Be it money, resources, of any worth

    Wanting of these possessions and not being able to acquire them is the lack of power and one of many elements of being poor.

    A problem the poor face and do not know is the power they possess.

    Rarely is it recognized what can be affected by organizing of interest.

    What instruments are at hand to secure these desires? There are collective responses...instruments such as boycotts.

    When this word is used it sounds like just a lunch counter protest.
    If this limited view of collective boycott comes to mind as limited, then one critical element to initiate the purpose has been discounted and is not fully understood.

    Any action taken involves risk. Not understanding those who govern us and the power of economic pressure.

    Leads to this discount of considering boycotts.

    In some ways it seems too much of a throw back to sit-ins.
    But as African Americans when we practice this. It can not and is not ignored.

    Who stands to loose? African Americans if we don’t start to do something.

    The climate has never been more receptive to the needs of Black Americans.

    Do not confuse the institutions inherited or lack of institutions we have with the unavoidable grip society has on us or things.

    We haven’t learned how to formulate plans. Defend that plan. Or how to implement a plan.

    We labor under a sense of inferiority which comes from perpetual obedience to orders.

    We have no sense or confidence because we have not been exposed to giving orders.

    There is a certain confidence that comes with giving orders and seeing them carried out.

    So basically we lack a habit of command.

    There is no habit instilled.

    We have to get used to commanding and making it an everyday habit.

    This is the secret element within a boycott!

    During a boycott there is a habit of doing something and a command or demand being made.

    Form positive habits... no longer negative ones.
    Inferiority disappears and growth begins. Get off drugs, stop brutalizing just because it is available or seems convenient.

    Even a hardened criminal has to say or form the excuse in mind after doing wrong. Something to feel justified and to help place the wrong they performed aside and supposedly out of mind.

    It is a fact.

    A state built on suffrage will be responsible for wider concessions of the multitude. What we have to understand as well is the state can respond, but why do things go back to normal or back to the same after?

    There is no historic reason to believe that after the dust settles… things will be forever good and change.

    This is true. The root hasn’t been addressed.
    The state can’t alter the root problem of an economically unequal society.

    As a collective we are the root and have to cultivate the habit of commanding change and better things. starting small and snowballing.

    We find ourselves being coached by well meaning up coming leaders and supposedly those leaders who the media recognize.

    To fight against these self contained economic units.
    Again not being trained in command of anything.
    We just can’t expect over night success.

    Slowly we must build after each victory.
    Upon that and with that victory.
    More things can be commanded and have a voice.
    The good will be astounding.
    Because good will is our nature.

    Invest in local stores... that give us a good product and price.
    Local fields ( land in the area ) of community resources like community gardens where fresh fruit and vegetables are grown and distributed locally to residence.

    Then a command must be given. No violence and drugs will be tolerated.

    Do it in the closet…do it on another planet. But not here.

    The children become number one… then the ancestors (grandparents, mothers, and fathers) of today (tomorrow’s ancestors of the future) get the respect they long deserve.


    How you gonna respect the past, when you don’t respect the future (present).
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    An inspiring and thought proving post!