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    Gomer & Magog

    *Gombe Japan---Gombe [[in Tanzania]----Tagomago [Spain]---The GUM, Red Square [Russia]
    --Gomez-----Gomerez-----Gumki [stuffed cabbage]-----Oklahoma [Red people]----Homer
    --the Huoma Nation [Indians, Louisiana]----boomerang-----Omerta [Mafia Code of Silence]
    --Hombre [man; homy]---homosexual---homosapien---homocide---Comanche Natives [Empire]
    --Comb Test--Communism--Community--Compare food--Tacoma--Comedy--Comets--Commander
    --Company--Common----Commission--Commerce---Montgomery--Gomer Pyle--Khmer Rouge
    --Mogadishu [Mogadishu; ‘Mog-Gom‘ reverse script ]-------Mugabe [Mugabe; ‘Mug-Gum’]
    --GYM [Gymnasium-Nazium; educational institution in ancient Russia]--------Gomorrah ​

    And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.
    GENESIS 10:3.

    …Now, thou son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyrus;
    …O thou that art situate at the entry of the sea, which art a merchant of the people for many isles,

    They of the house of Togarmah traded in thy fairs with horses and horsemen and mules.
    EZEKIEL 27: 1-3, 14

    Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.
    EZEKIEL 38:6. ​

    Togar mah--ham [in reverse script]

    The most powerful and dominant empire civilizations that ever set up in the world are headed up by the descendants of these two people; Gomer & Magog. And depending upon where specific cultures and larger governments set up, variations are used to reflect this dual government system. The Commagenes are a civilization of ancient people that set up in the ancient north in present day Turkey, and they are just one example of a culture of people with this foundation. Their origins are the very same origins as THE EGYPTIANS [Aegyptos]. The foundation of the Egyptians are that of the descendants of Gomer [Eguptans] and Magog [Ag; The Colchians] and both the beginning of the Commagenes and the Egyptians are that they were a dark skinned people from the east; specifically India. But even though certain groups of these ancient people came together to form major governments, a contrast and comparison of history also shows that they were two distinct and dominant type of people that also formed their own unique cultures previously. For this reason, there are times in history where they conflicted, separated and formed other unique systems. More importantly and with regards to the Bible, their motives for their operations and their movements have been tract throughout times and the outcome of their systems laid out in history and prophecy are an astonishment to me. White Supremacy lay at the core of their purpose, but whether it was by choice or design becomes a question on an individual basis because history shows that there were times of conflict over this issue amongst them as well. However, these ancient eastern people carried their conflicts into the ancient western world and have brought with them a lot of confusion. Secular historians do not clarify a lot of ancient history on this basis but through Bible research so many truths come to light.

    The Commagene [Com-Mag-genes; Genesis] civilization that formed in ancient Turkey, again are a people that came from the east initially. Secular historians place their history much farther in time to beginning in the Hellenistic Age, but this presents confusion. Further research shows that some historians reveal that the Commagenes were a well formed culture of people and interacted with other ancient dominant civilizations such as that of the ancient Assyrians and Persians in the 700s BC and beyond. But research shows that this too only presents ‘part truths’. The kind of history that relates to the Commagenes [Com-Magog] in ancient Turkey goes much farther back in time, in fact, research shows that they actually formed before the Egyptians even set up a government in Africa. The Commagenes formed that early in time and in fact, their beginning stems off of the Chaldeans of Cush Ham, the Black Babylonians [I.e. Sumerians] of whom formed a dominant system before the post-flood systems in Egypt formed. Even all of the original descendants of Ham [Cham] depended upon the Cush Hamites because they were the most dominant and they always proved themselves. No matter how many times the Cush Hamites were knocked down throughout history even into pathetic slavery for whatever reason, they somehow always managed to rise to the top. They were the first most powerful, dominant and well formed government that formed in the post flood world and the eastern Black people came from the east and thrived off of Cush Ham. And furthermore, they built their systems--all of their systems--on the backs of Ham [Cham]. And the Bible brings out this irony as well: the origins of both early cultures of Gomer and Magog comprises the presence of Ham. The Hamites were always exploited. But perhaps history had been hidden in regards to the Commagenes due to other names that were used at an earlier time.

    In South Central Turkey, where the Commagenes are said to have set up their civilization, it was the land near to an ancient major civilization that was headed up by the Hittites [Hittite; I.e. White, ‘W-hite’], people of whom stem from their earlier ancestors, the people of Heth [Heth & Hittite]. This dominant civilization of Hittites that formed did not identify by their names but because they came in on top of earlier peoples and cultures and set up, they are written under other names. The civilization was called HATTUSAS [Khatti & Lusatanians] and reflects earlier Greek people that comprised many different earlier cultures of Greeks, some of which were the original Greeks and some were not. But however, the Hittites [White Heths] took dominance because they were regarded as being supreme. This would be apart of the reason why the earlier presence of the Commagenes has been hidden. The Commagenes [Gomer-Magenes] are the very foundation and earlier ancestors of the people that identified themselves as being exclusively Hittites. The Bible shows that throughout history at times, when certain white cultures attempted to separate and become exclusive and made attempts to suppress the Black Heth people [Gomers; Cimmerians] and Colchians [‘Black’ Japs; original Japheth], these ‘Black’ Japs would become violent. And then the Hamites and Black Shem would become the scarified for the cause of peace. This part of history has a redundancy. This becomes evident long before Alexander-the-great and the Hellenistic period, and up through the Roman Empire times, and the Bible reveals a purpose and quest for White Supremacy that unfolded, by and by, all the way up through our modern times. In the AD 1500s and due to Black-on-Black hatred and violence, soon the yin-yang symbolism was finally changed from their ancient ‘black-white’ and ‘red-yellow’ to other colors that reflected victory and a new age for the time being.

    The Bible prophet Ezekiel places the Gomers, especially the descendants of Togarmah, in ‘the north quarters’ [north ‘quarter’; northeast] because at that time when the White Greeks were dominant, these Gomers were active ‘horse traders’ that traveled the ancient ‘silk roads’ to the west and one of the few dominant ‘Egyptians’ that were still predominantly dark skinned at that time around the 700s BC. Ezekiel lived during these times as well [around the 600s BC]. At that time too, the Ten Tribes [Northern Hebrews] were overthrown. They were completely overthrown and scattered. It was during these times that the Olympic Greek civilizations were on the rise again and strategic parts of this Greek History has been suppressed but if explained, there would be a better understanding of the total Greek world.

    The Togramah people that migrated from the northeast from certain lands like Turkey and Russia back westwards to trade with the Tyrus Greeks and the Assyrian [Greeks] are a remnant of the even more ancient original Gomers in which many of them had also become apart of ancient history in the western world. At this time, many of them became known as Greeks as well and only repeated a more ancient history of their ancestors. The definition of the word ‘Greek’ [I.e. Creek or Crete] stems from Shem, the son of Noah. Shem would be the very origin of the Greeks, his own generations but also, the word ‘Greek’ means ‘a way of life’. The Greek civilization originated in the land of Shem [Europe, Berea…Iberia] and they defined their cultures based upon the waters, creeks, and land areas where they set up and, the beginning of Greek civilizations was on the basis of ‘leagues’ that were formed in the land of Shem. The original Greeks of Shem [Black Greeks] were not empire builders, they formed bonds with the Hamites and others and identified themselves by these unique bonds. Therefore there were many, many different kinds of earlier people that inter-mixed with the original Greek descendants of Shem but there were many different kinds of people that were not Semitic but were apart of the Greek civilization. So that means that even the term ‘Black Greek’ could mean an early descendant of Ham that became apart of the Greek way of life, or it could mean an early descendant of Heth such as the Java Greeks and many more as well who were totally unique and distinct from the Gomers [Gypsies] that became apart of that very early Greek system as far back as the 2000s BC and more so. And this would be the distinction of ‘AN APOLLO GREEK’ [Homeric Greek] of which encompasses the presence of TOGARMAH [I.e. Cimmerians, Gomers], Egyptian horse traders [Hippos]. Some Togamah horse traders that came back to trade with the Tyrus and Assyrian Greeks around the AD 700s during the Olympic Greek times, revived a more ancient history. This kind of information might help to understand the ancient Hattusas civilization in which the ancient Hittites came to dominate. White Supremacy was a concept that came from the eastern civilizations and this has to do with the origins of the Gomers.

    The Gomers were considered the most supreme in all the ancient systems of Gomer and Magog because the white presence stems from their origins and can be seen in their history. But overtime due to inter-mixing, history shows that certain kinds of White people formed distinct groups and this brought on many other conflicts that arose amongst each other. And this would be the very revelation that the prophets bring out about ‘GOG’ in the land of MAGOG. The Bible reveals that when white people that descended from the original Magog began to separate into distinct groups and cultures, it would come at a time that they would operate against the original Gomers and spark the most intense form of hatred that this earth would ever endure. Prophecy placed that part of history at the time when ‘the sanctuary of God would no longer be exploited for the cause of White Supremacy’; the prophecy of 2300 days [a day for a year prophecy of DANIEL]. But in fact, this prophecy of the rage that went on between ‘the red-white’ system was written in many ways. However, according to Daniel it began at the onset of the Separation of Church and State [the American Revolution, the French-Indian Wars…] and was complete after the French Revolution in 1815. They finally left off from exploiting Christianity [the sanctuary of God] to build up their systems. After 1815 the Royal Blue flag was put down, the Tri-color flag was to be raised, and kingship was to be no more. Napoleon, the emperor, had completed his mission. The royal courts of Europe were changed to be only a symbolism and election became the main national system across the white world.

    For thousands and thousands of years, White Supremacy had benefited from the kind of ‘Africans’ [Blacks], whether they were called Colchians, or Egyptians, Infidels, Moors, Muslims, Jews, and etc. of whom had helped them exploit Africa [and all of the lands of Ham] to do their will to obtain trade power and world domination. And then they moved to push us all together to watch over us and maintain that control…and now for many of us, we don’t even know who we are…or where we actually came from… for sure… But based on the Bible with regards to prophecy, the Israelites and other ‘Africans’ and the Slave Ship Era, part of the mystery has been clarified. And I‘m grateful. I know I’m covered by the Blood that was sacrificed for me. Due to my cultural experience, my inheritance and my present position, I‘m exempt from the Separation from Jesus [Christianity] byway of this government in 1776. All three of the sons of Noah have an inheritance with God through the high priesthood of Shem from which Jesus descended. So when I consider my name and the mirror in front of me, I know Magog was up in that Slave Ship right along with the master…exploiting and raping…Black-on-Black hatred and violence was what White Supremacy depended upon to dominate the world…But I’m covered under the tents of Shem.

    In the third year of the reign of king Belshazzar a vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first.
    ~Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
    DANIEL 8:1,13-14. [485 BC - 2300 years = AD 1815] [The Battle of Waterloo]

    The Kingdom of Commagene … was an ancient kingdom of *the Hellenistic Age.[1]
    Little is known of the region of Commagene prior to the beginning of the 2nd century BC….
    This re-emergent Kingdom lasted until 72AD, when the Emperor Vespasian finally and definitively made it a part of the Roman Empire[3].
    Kingdom of Commagene - Wikipedia

    *[163 BC - AD 72]

    In Commagene, there is a column topped by an eagle, which has earned the mound name *Karakush, or The Black Bird
    Kingdom of Commagene - Wikipedia

    *Note: both of the words from the word ‘Karakush’, ‘Kara’ means ‘Black’, and ‘Kush’ means ‘Black’ and stem from different origins of the original ancient Black people of that region; Karaites & Kush-ites.

    Until the coming of the Romans the abundance of its natural resources of timber and good grazing land made Commagene the richest kingdom in the arid south-east region. Its capital Samosata (Samsat) near Adiyaman, named after Samos I (3rd c. BC.), …

    Commagene - All About Turkey

    Commagene civilization in the central regions of Anatolia.


    Commagene was a small kingdom, located in modern south-central Turkey, …It was first mentioned in Assyrian texts as Kummuhu, which was normally an ally of Assyria…The Persian Empire then conquered Commagene in *the 6th century BC, and Alexander the Great conquered the territory in the 4th century BC. After the breakup of the Alexandrian Empire, Commagene was a state and province in the Greco-Syrian Seleucid Empire.
    Kingdom of Commagene - Wikipedia

    *Note: 6th century BC means 500s BC [Persians dominated mostly in the 400s BC];
    Also, under the name of Cimmerians, Comagenes were allied with the Assyrians at times.

    Commagene, region in northern ancient Syria (modern south-central Turkey) bounded by Cilicia on the west and Cappadocia on the north…Commagene broke free from the decaying Seleucid Empire about 162 bc.

    Commagene | historical region, Near East

    Region in northern ancient Syria (modern south-central Turkey) bounded by Cilicia on the west and Cappadocia on the north. Its eastern boundary on the Euphrates River, at the conjunction...