Black Poetry : Come


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Nov 23, 2007
Come sit with me
Come sit with me in the candlelight
Lets share our fears,our dream,
our wildest fantasies
Come sit with me as we gaze in each others eyes
with our fingers intertwine
Come lye with me
Come lye with me with your body on top of mine
as our bodies twist and wind
not knowing who begins and who ends
Come with me
Come with me as we ride the waves sensations
getting drown in our pleasures
Come climb with me
Come climb with me as we reach the highest peak
looking in each others eyes as our bodies fall and rise
Come listen with me
Come listen with me as our hearts race in our chests
trying to calm down
Come close your eyes with me
Come close your eyes with me as you hold me in your arms
as we fall asleep
Come, let me hold your hand
Let me hold you hand and have a conversation
Talking about this and that as the time passes
Come let me hold you in my arms
Holding you as we dance to smooth sounds
and a lovers rhythm
Come, let me kiss you passionately
As one thing leads to another, and that leads to another still
Come, and be ... be with me

Nice write Beautiful​
Come look at me
Look at me as we gaze into each other's eyes
Come laugh with me
Laugh with me as we share our lows and highs
Come dance with me
Dance with me as we slowly cast our cares away
Come touch me
Touch me as we romance the night away
Come be with me
Be with me and make my world disappear
Come take me
Take me to places I've never seen my dear
Come love me
Love me like you'll never see me again
Come give me
Give me all of you, through and through, until there's nothing left to give

Excellent flow Ms Beautiful...Excellent flow!
come wit me
come wit me to this place unknown
as we dance in the radiant glow
come share wit me
the foreverness spool in the spinner
where only two hearts beat as one
come wit me
come wit me to the wonder winter lands
where love is capture in grand style
come join me
on this journey of joy
inside the chambers of soul lace
come wit me
come !


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