Black Poetry : come with heat

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    come with heat

    Slap cats in the mouth with my nutsack theses sluts whack
    In HIP HOP slop jerks not experts no hot perks from your act
    Got sick nouns that stick around this site like termites eating
    The foundation while I remain renowned in this situation defeating
    Whackness cats needing practice, look I try be great lie in wait
    But get pushed back when I’m bushwhacked by the thrilla hate
    Of guerilla fake critics, have to escape stress and make my way
    To success, yall can watch this on instant replay after a long delay
    Of rewinded action I blind factions of whack rappers on microphones
    Mad and clever but like bad weather, my winds blow down homes
    Storm a lot but never harm HIP HOP, look this thug got a love jones
    For this stuff, have a wish and desire to throw briskfire on the internet
    I blaze hats and cats amazed at my output, no respect not a winner yet
    A troop with hope ready to loop and tie rope and try cope with Clear
    And Present Danger like Harrison Ford I pop whip try be sincere
    When I drop script this HIP HOP trip I’m on make cats think and fear
    Want a cup of coffee these bazaare sluts should go to Starbuck
    Wanna mess with a thug and can’t express love scarred ****
    My rhymes cause feelings and flaws start healing like scabbed
    Sores yall vocab is that of whores, I arouse cats when I douse
    Stats with gasoline, trash not clean and should burn your mouth
    And your house down, order new brick you true tricks with no skills
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    man now that's bustin 'em down to there splat bruh !