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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, will there ever come a Time when we Afrikans will desire to travel
    together without having to be in competition or at a distance with each
    other Mentally,

    The question, what now ails Afrikan people, should cause us to be concerned
    about hearing a Truthful answer to such a question and to determine
    together the True cause and effect that now have Afrikan people in the
    predicament we now find ourselves in.

    Come, Come, Come walk with me, take a mental journey, together, you and I,
    and let us travel the path of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, looking without
    prejudice or the need to defend those who participated in the demise of
    Afrika and Afrikan people in such a way we no longer sit in the seat of
    authority and nor do we have control over our Afrikan lives.

    Come walk with me Afrikan, take off of the mental Iris of the oppressors and
    regain your own mental eye and let us look together at what has happen to
    the Afrikan Nation.

    Let us walk through the valleys along side of the rivers and brooks that
    once was plentiful in the place we now call the Sahara Desert, see the trees
    and ocean that brush the shore line of a once Savanna land,

    Yes beloved, come walk with me and let us see together the gods our Ancient
    people of whom we no longer know of today, yet we refer to them As Afrikan
    people, and Black they were.

    Come walk with me through the temples and court yard, see the wonderful
    labyrinth that wind you through the corridors of your Afrikan mind, look and
    see the majestic of your Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, as they converse with
    their Ancestors of yester Time, as they approach out from the Heavens,
    coming from our original home up in the sky Heaven, from a galaxy far away,
    as they also took the Time to cultivate closer worlds within the present
    Solar system in which we now reside.

    Yes, Yes, beloved, come walk with me and see yourself before the dawning of
    an act of evil behavior to appear in the midst of a people that lived the
    life as gods, understanding the supremeness of that One Primary Intelligence
    that gave cause for all that we see above to be revealed to us Afrikans and
    with an ability to study and come to know with understanding, the Power and
    Intelligence of a Entity that is without form.

    Yet, It Is Eternal and Infinite in Its Existence, capable of revealing to us
    the appearance and action of untold Entities that reside in the Infinite
    Space of Darkness, giving what is called light unto itself, as those objects
    move in Harmony, Orderly and well balance to be able to maintain movement in
    their own Spherical path.

    Yes, come walk with me and see the movement of such godly objects, in
    relationship with each other, yet desiring not to interfere with each other
    path, each has been given to travel and so it was with the physical fleshy
    objects, endowed with an intelligence capable of qualifying those Being to
    be able to Reason at a high level of what we now call Thinking.

    Such which give us cause to be able to conceive as well as analyze all that
    we See, sensual as well as Mentally, thus causing the gods of this planet,
    serving as a pure member of those objects that make up the Universe as well
    as us mimicking such Universal action, on a lower dimension and in a
    physical fleshy form, thus qualifying us to liken as the Human Universe.

    Come walk with me and look and see, with understanding that we needed to be
    and do, as we operated in a motion that kept us in our own Sphere, not to
    interfere with others that come to be a part of this physical Fleshy
    universe on this planet as we all lived in Harmony, in order, as we all
    maintained a Balance with the Prime Entity that feed us the Energy that
    allow us to be in motion, an act we now associate with being alive, a life
    provided to us by that One and Only Eternal Infinite Energy we now refer to
    as God, the revealer to us the Universe we all are a part of.

    Yes, Yes, come walk with me and now tell me what do you see, of the Afrikan
    people, a people that descended out from the loins of people who had
    attained the ability of gods, whose relationship with the Elements was at
    such a dimension to the point they possessed the quality of power that
    qualify them to do and act in such a way they appear to be people who were
    able to work Magic.

    No, do not stop, come walk with me, because now we are at a point in our
    Afrikan life that we know not one thing about our Black Afrikan Selves and
    now we willingly take orders from a strange like Being who has nothing but
    contempt for the original Beings, whose parents were as gods.

    Do I hear you say, you no longer can see what I see, are we not looking
    through the same Mental Eye we all are endowed with?

    The original Being I speak to, yes you, who now take on the identity that
    those who have established a history of tricking and deceiving us Afrikans,
    even to the extent you will now classify what I now say to you as
    foolishness coming from a foolish Afrikan who no longer can distinguish
    between that which is Real and that which is unreal and I say to you my
    beloved Sisters and Brothers, so be it, yet I maintain, to extend the
    invitation to you who might dare to come and take a Walk with Me.

    No! not a physical walk, to see together what the Ancestors so reveal to us
    about Them and our Carbon Selves we must learn all over again to take a
    Mental walk with me and all that you will see, through the conceived mental
    vision of your godly Soul, will be in harmony with what I see and to be
    qualified to look at such you will see, will so demand that the Afrikan
    settle for nothing less than the Afrikan original mind, which will serve as
    a sign that the Afrikan has risen and now has become Liberated again, to
    assume the True Status of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, which was and is as
    goddess and gods, in term of knowledge, Understanding and the wisdom to
    apply such knowledge, in order to be able to put us back into the orbit we
    once revolved in, as a part of God Universe.

    Who is qualified to Walk with Me and dare to see and conceive of the things
    that always have been and see the way we Carbon people interacted and
    inter-related with the godly Universe?

    Let those who are qualified to look and see through what is referred to as
    the God Eye, the Eye Of Osiris, Horus and Isis, then come, and see you Black
    Afrikans, look and see you in your Time of Glory and become motivated to
    return back to your original Soul!!!

    In Such a Soul state, oppression, tribalism, Afrikan divided into camps of
    states assuming such as your identity, taking on the god of those who
    continue to trick, deceive and suppress the Soul of the Afrikan, will not be
    tolerated by the Afrikan, who dare to take such a walk and look and see the
    Afrikan self, before the Afrikan transition took place, by the act of those
    who succeeded to convert the Afrikan into something that does not reflect
    the True Nature Of The Original being, The Carbon being, now call Afrikan.

    Only Those who have Taken the Walk, Is Capable Of Understanding What Has
    Just Been Shared with You.

    Need I say, The Prerequisite To Taking such A Walk successfully Is, There
    Must Be An Afrikak Spiritual Retreat To Take Place Among The Afrikan.

    So Say The gods, Our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors.

    Beloved, Come walk with me.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]
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    Thank you this was very enlightful