Black Poetry : Come True

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    Come True

    Possess rhymes that’ll test mind this mess is designed to keep
    Up and make streets corrupt no financial support can’t sleep
    On reality, rap with plan then clap my hand after performing
    And storming on stage in an alarming rage the results calming
    Rhymes shatter frames no doubt these matters remain in doubt
    Garbage is blindness, acknowledge kindness and stay on route
    Gain fame through my action and get true satisfaction drop
    Divine posts along with rhyme growth this stuff don’t stop
    no dust on my skills because rust kills iron verses leave it
    blueish green got new ish in my theme will squeeze nitwits’
    head flow thug scripts while tugboats tow ships stuff float
    on water, trooper doing Ebonic writes and they fly dope
    like supersonic flights lame and wicked hope yall have
    plane tickets try proceed at high speed and crashing vocab
    singing Christmas carrols when I slam it because aerodynamic
    with wings and bling and how I do my thing try and cram it
    into a microphone, society facts are stinking excuse me yall
    I’m in the act of thinking got a Cadilac and linking with all
    The ladies, plus we ball in Mercedes and the party never stall
    Look we all legal brothers but some are more equal than others
    So HIPHOP embraces them as they’ve become feeble lovers
    Of microphones, look my first duty is to squench my thirst
    For a cutie buy a purse of beauty possibly a coach bag nurse
    Her love, "look boo girl you amaze the earth is a world stage
    And I’m unrehearsed, stay whack with the play act and cage
    Pigeons, an age with million of opportunities stick with me"