Black People : Come to Prince George's County we give money away

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    Come to Prince George's County we give money away

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    Hey, If you want free money of the backs of the county residents, you should come to Prince George's County. PG County, MD is in the top twenty counties in the United States. The population make up of the county is 60 percent or more African American. Those African American's are one the top of the affluent African American groups in the United States to date. The elected leaders of PG County felt it was time to give the money away. Although the state gave the county the short end of the stick when the state budget money was handed out, the PG County leadership said," hey lets give 50 Million away and, forget the fact, we just cut the school budget".

    Recently, there was a big issues in the DMV about a new stadium that needs to be built. This stadium would bring DC United , which is a professional soccer team , out of DC from R.F.K stadium into the urban suburban area of PG County. This is fine no problem. There is nothing like more money. Although DC United claims the new Soccer Stadium will be an economic boost but according to a study by the Cato Institute, they have not uncovered a single instance in which the presence of a professional sports team has been linked to a boost in the economy. Lets not forget, DC United has about an average attendance of 18k but, they will need 24k for this project to return a profit. Oh yeah, DC United is 350 million in the hole and has never turned a profit.

    Lets say DC United returns a profit, there is no clear plan of how the money will be broken down. You know the count for PG County will come short in the street level business man terms. The state more then likely get the first cut of the money.

    The budget for the stadium is broken down this way. The Maryland Stadium Authority Fund will provided 150 million. Oh, you never heard of the Maryland Stadium Authority Fund (laugh out loud). Well, they get their money form the Lottery system. Oh by the way, 60 percent of the money for the Lottery system comes out of PG County. This project totals will be 200 million and, your's truly will give up the 50 million need to start the project. Yes, PG county, MD will come up of the cash.

    Ok , you may need to sit down before you read this part. DC United broke *** offered to secure the 150 million for the DC government if the DC government would put up 50 million. DC United came across the bridge and will get the stadium built for free. Oh, no local minority contracts will be offered. You know the economic part of the deal.

    According to People for Change in Prince George's county, these actions are bad and, they recommend you call your state level delegate's and asked them to vote against HB 1282 and , they also want you to watch 70 comcast on Wednesday or today at 7:30-9:30 and Thurs at 12:00 noon.
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    Thats sad. I was aware of the 411 on PGC and seriously considered moving there one day. It's a very nice place. I hope things turn around for PGC soon.
    Thanx 4 sharing that info.

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    where failure is not an option

    interesting but not surprising

    the street level delegates
    should already know not to vote for this but again i'm not so surprised

    and truly "votes" won't mean anything when somebody adds money

    to buy off the "votes"

    but then again that's already happened

    let us know if there's justice there
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    as a resident of pg i see where the money could be put to a lot better use than soccer[which most african americans don't care much about to start with]most street lights in the county are in bad shape[leftover from the sixties]and there are roads as well as buildings that should be improved greatly,keep the soccer in dc and spend wisely pg.