Black People : Come on People by Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Pouissant

Destee said:
Peace and Blessings Family,

Brother MrRon mentioned in this post, that Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Pouissant would be on Meet the Press yesterday, discussing their new book titled, Come on People. I did get a chance to watch the program. Thanks Brother MrRon for letting us know they'd be on there, for i had no idea prior to you sharing that.

It was really a great interview, and opportunity to hear and see Mr. Cosby and Dr. Pouissant speak on the issues in our communities, that concerns them.

According to the program, they present lots of hard facts, acknowledge the existence and challenge of systemic racism and discrimination, yet they are saying in spite of these things, we must not give up on our Families and children especially.

As i listened, i was reminded of the Elder Interviews we've been doing recently. They were almost saying the same things our Elders have been saying to us. They though, have the added advantage of a broader picture, experience with lots more families, numbers, etc., helping to bring the whole thing into perspective.

I know that Mr. Cosby has received some negative commentary here in the past, and may receive more, but i'm feeling what he's saying.

I must say though, Brother MrRon, while you brought the interview to our attention, i was lead to believe it would be opinion much like yours, but that was not the case at all. Mr. Cosby and Dr. Pouissant clearly acknowledge racism, police brutality, racial profling, the disparities in prison sentences for white men vs Black Men, the under-employment of Black People, the poverty being maintained by the system, that it is an unfair battle for us from the start, and that doors are shut by the systemic racism ... all of that and more .. while you seem to deny any of this exists.

No matter though, i'm glad you let us know it was coming on, as i enjoyed watching it.

Did anyone else view the program? If so, what were your thoughts. If you didn't see it, i believe you can view it, in its entirety, on the Meet the Press site, along with excerpts from the book.

Much Love and Peace.



I saw the interview. It was dead on. The data they collected can not be refuted. And we all know people like this. It's time for us to get off our azzez and do something about it.
jamesfrmphilly said:
he has no credibility with me.
he is an uncle tom of the first order.
he is a rapist.

not exactly what i look for in a role model.

1. To call Mr. Cosby an uncle tom, without offering a shred of proof, would seem to be throwing the baby out with the bath water. The question is only, is the data he presents accurate. Moreover, in that Dr. Cosby came from humble beginnings and put and kept a lot of brothers in business. Got a lot of brothers and sisters educated. Is exactly what a black man is suppose to do. I would like you to submit even one tenth you have done to match him?

2. Rape?!!? Show me a conviction please.

3. I submit you were calling him a tom, in ignorance, before any acusations or charges came out on a BM.

mardukson said:
If he had talked like that the first time, nobody would have got upset. But that wasn't how he came off the first time, now was it?

Only abused women fall for that kick my ***, then wanna love me stuff.

I aint try'n to hear that chump. I got a longass memory.

Actually, he has been saying this for decades.


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