Black Poetry : Come hot with moves and lot of dudes swaysnowadays go get a BA, MD AND PHD and stayshome no J.O.B., have class and a professionis best like the las


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May 11, 2006
Come hot with moves and lot of dudes sways
nowadays go get a BA, MD AND PHD and stays
home no J.O.B., have class and a profession
is best like the last question on a test lessen
don't have the answer so jest grab a dancer
and party, walk in do a presentation
talk true to a pleasant nation
when hunting see a pheasant no hesitation
fire the twelve gauge,shot gun and drop one
wrong words jest mess things up
she got breasts buy her a ring and suck
look robbers threaten folks
and jogger getting choked
look he's not a wiz took a hot quiz
didn't score high adore fly cars Liz
is his girl's name, like fans in here
he has plans to cheer the winning team
and beginning to scream victory seen
by everyone, like a fun runner at
a track-meet a number one phat
stunner with facts and feet up to bat
on a hundred yard dash like flow Jo
proud of his clout give a loud shout go
get with a crowd out and about yo
messed up his hair
try get a girl with breast in an affair
she definitely have a bless pair
want a concerned female in bed
never mind she turn tail and fled
like a check given to a jeweler
walk the street as a living ruler
as a bling king, not even a preschooler
ridiculous cute are like rigorous roots
they grow wild with flow style that pollutes
the air like smoke, give me hype and hope
of having sex while they grabbing the dope
“SO LOOK BOO he prevails, your lips red
so he's not a whack buster oh glory
he has no lackluster story
wow it's legit to say
he's gonna quit one day
leave the world in disarray
you a Black Soul Sista girl beauty
got facts bold and blister on duty
he's a hot guy like Popeye eat spinach
for dinner grab a plate try finish
as a winner, girl your pie he deserve
but she so shy and reserved
gonna rap to her and lost his nerve
NAW PLAYER” no doubt thirst for an
outburst let her emotions show understand
her coo-chee wet like an ocean yo
put lotion on her legs before she go
she was itching in the kitchen and woah
a boy tried to get some car in the drive way
don't know rather she'll survive today
her menu is brisk and continue to exist
boys wanna kiss enjoys the risk
he wear bling nice cling to life
she go to a sweet party bold or whatever
it's hard to keep body and soul together
he likes her playground so he stay around
like pasta's cooking water
he came looking to slaughter
spaghetti and be ready for broader
stuff, look she went to enjoy a farm
and end up in a boy's arm
during a hayride turn to charms
use flow hot to grow crops no harm
with pesticides
she got breasts and pride
oh gosh he really kissed her lips
in the city thing stay strong and fast
but on the farm hay is mown grass
for fodder even Harry Potter know
that oh he jest kissed her lips they glow
red, now he get her tongue she jest
move her thing around looks at her breasts
said aw girl I don't wanna cum
he was jest going crazy and hay from
the wagon fell on the road
oh the hay was a big load
no words from the street
but they heard the birds tweet
he was right between her thighs
into the cream pies
he has dream eyes
oh gosh she said things
like oh wagon wheels
and dragons reveal
oh cucumbers are crops
and hummers have drop tops
oh a queen reveal
that boys eat between meals
make girls scream and squeals
oh erase all stats that are trash
and baseball bats are made of ash
oh she arrived hot
dealt with the live lock
oh the land too wet to plow
grab the tractor and yet somehow
remain unbowed ready to chow
oh have a choice stays in school
a horse always been a tool
whether tied to a plow or pulling
a carriage after a marriage fulling
and old school dream oh its a giddy
up with witty luck so life is gritty
her breasts are fine
but the flesh of swine
is pork, now sip some wine
oh slop the pigs
in Hip Hop its big
oh rattled and amazed
how cattle grazed
oh she must revamp her reads
or these boys could have a stampede
oh crop fertilize make sense
then hurdle wise over a fence
this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
a Black Soul Sista go wild to reach
reality on a hay ride boys try teach
girls new trick then do it quick peach
pie await in a plate or it could be CHEECH
and CHUNG up in smoke no joke
oh FLAG BROTHERS bell bottoms
hat with a buckle shirt made of cotton
oh git wine and spit shine the Stacy
Adams in a Studebaker going to MACY
thanksgiving parade and watching Dick Tracy

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May 11, 2006
Flow pride and provide a service
but have to hide he's nervous
chicks be quick to fall in love
and they use all of the above
his head has facts and cleats
on his feet like track meets
these words casts a pale light
but now see a female that's bright
see girl and dig her pie
but need her to signify
that she agree to a cake date
LOOK BOO got a drop top great
and you thirst to ride ready to burst
with pride you can be the first
to collide with love,
have thunder in his mind that steam strong
but the underline theme of the song
is don't get caught with your pants down
girl you fought for a romance crown
staff on a committee
that take care of half the city
make a band like P DIDDY
NAW PLAYER” she have health extreme
plus self esteem, drink sprite with real
ices and deal strut butt is sex appeal
now she's a PHILLIPINE CHICK feel
me here to prevail in script like the sails
on a ship, pull down my dress tail
you love my lips, that's just a mode of life
carry a load of strife, affair explode with nice
words, he has handsome quotes but need
to abandon hope of sex in order to proceed
increase her scroll
not able to cease and control
her passion her dress is down
so boys can't mess around
these boys wanna lift
and they gonna sniff
her perfume its a gift
for their room, can't be caught
with her panties down, she fought
her emotions and her emotions won
in a heartless and illegal manner
while he wears a feeble bandanna
she stand abashed
because he plan to smash
he got a dew rag puffing wild
using that ragamuffin style
oh her lips are very kissable
and his words merry and mystical
his body smoking galore has a key
to open her front door
and hoping galore
to get some
oh Filipino girls go through a lot
in VIRGINIA Beach boys be hot
but they are not thots boys plot
lead to the bedroom she yelled stop
after one boy kissed her lips
talking about girl I don't wanna cum
she's had it with this affair
there remain static in the air
like a haze of smoke
boys amaze with quote
“LOOK BOO we in Virginia Beach
girl you jest a tender peach
so surrender let me reach
your love and soar at the club
while the DJ play stuff we can hug
off of, NAW PLAYER my panties are
hot a lot at the club and the bar
leave her no doubt about what's
going to happen
if a boy keep flowing and rapping
depart from home
end up in Walmart alone
here he try for pie
end up high and dry
she got pie indeed
and he try to succeed
she's a queen right?
But haven't given him the green light
go out buy lame sandwiches
then put in claim for damages
this fish didn't taste right
no doubt shook over the outlook
of this food hate to be rude over cooked
“LOOK BOO he's a lover revamp
but like a rubber stamp
he's being used on love letters
got a car and he ride great
to the far side of the lake
and try get some cake
kissed a girl's lips no mistake
then he jest got her tongue
she started moving her thing around
aw girl I don't wanna come
he threw her panties in the air
he's an bike mechanic
and so romantic
oh he jest was going crazy
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