Black Poetry : Come facts

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    Come facts
    I take divine notes and there’s one kind of true folks and it’s
    Those that finish what they start, the rest stay in the dark git
    Credit for hero really a pathetic zero undeserving yall feel me?
    And so on I flow strong emotions soften and I taste wine but see
    It’s often a waste of time if you don’t do a thing well I wear
    True bling don’t let it swell my head I act like it’s not there
    Concerned over the hype of my writes learn to dislike some
    Pieces written because they releases hidden emotions too dumb
    To think about my stats arouse and play cat and mouse with
    My brain by putting swift lame thoughts in my head but uplift
    My will to express be thrill but suggest a revamping of nouns
    Because my camping grounds are being abused and used to pound
    Stuff in my head enough said like the OHIO PLAYERS it’s fire
    With a legit desire to succeed, talk and smile but my creed require
    Me to walk a mile in someone else shoes and sing the stealth blues
    Like BB KING and see how thing are on the other side pay the dues
    Of being the boss see to be in another’s shoes got me lost ready to
    Return to mine so I can flow divine it’s no crime in being yourself who
    Dare to think different?, to share a drink is magnificent it’s deft but true
    Have great luck but stuff in a state of flux but have some apparatus doe
    To support my status quo on the street tomorrow, sweet sorrow to show
    Borrow a slow car gonna soup it up later with a turbo and ABS yo
    An ADVANCE BRAKING SYSTEM chance of taking wisdom
    From a mechanic to hook up my ride with a computer and rhythm
    From my CD