Black Poetry : Come closer, but dont violate my space


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Mar 24, 2005
Virginia Beach,Va
Local Insurance Agent
**Friends, Africans...Clansmen....Lend me your ears!

come here..
now back up just a bit,
I want you,
to be my dear,
I like to hug....
cant stand to kiss..
These are thethings I love and miss...
being close to another,
is a dream.
and a nightmare the same.
Some ppl find it silly..
like im playing a game.
I want you near me,
but ony when i want you there,
i want to be wanted,
but only when its convienent for me,
I want to be normal,
but i dont know where to start,
I want to be loved,
but i think ive lost my heart,
I want to stand by you,
but not too close,
Screw it..
Ill be true..
I want to do what i want,
when i want,
and you to leave me alone
when im thru..
I dont like demands,
I dont want to please anyone but myself,
and the occasional you,
I often cant find time for me..
so u become bad for my health..
im on the zoloft diet..
Cause men make me sick..
not that I love women..
cause i can appreciate a good d!ck,
Im not at a point where i have time for a man,
all my life ive did
for another whatever i can,
this is my time to do for me,
Men see me,
and like a magnet,
are attracted to me..
because they need to feed off me,
cause inside they aint happy,
every now and then..
i start getting confused,
then i start neglectin myself,
for you,
i then feel used.
I forget why
when i am,
"tied down" im a wreck,
things get serious...
and requests are made,
then they feel like they got played,
cause when it comes down to it,
i just want to do me,
yea i like your company,
yea i fell in love with you,
but love comes with too many demands,
too many exectations,
to many requests,
and ive filled them all,
by every man that claimed to love me,
yet none of them are around,
I prefer to make me happy,
because I am number one in my book,
some say im selfish,
some say they wish they had the gutz,
Im tired of men living for me,
let me do that!
Live for you,
or did you forget how?
I cant make you happy,
by being there every moment of the day,
you leeching off my soul,
trying to make yourself happy,
But brotha it wont work,
and ill tell u wy..
I cant be suffocated..
or Id die,
You gotta have your own dreams,
aspirations and desires,
and some of em' ..
not to my immediate desire..
cant include me,
its fun at first..
when your world revolves around me...
but thats just ********,
because that dosent make me happy,
It makes my ego bigger,
and my heart sad..
because what happened to all the dreams,
you once had?
I got my own thing goin,
you should find something too..
cause you waiting on me..
and im not always coming thru...
Its nothin personal,
just do what you do,
get a life why dont you,
outside of you and I,
I have mine,
and brotha i aint gon lie,
I like the world in which i live,
and I dont need you to make me complete,
Though you do enhance my assets,
and we make quite the match,
if you dont find a life,
you may not be my last catch,
See I say its me,
but truthfull its the men i meet,
they get dizzy when they greet me,
and the earth moves beneath thier feet,
and slowly the life they had,
as if it were pure imagery,
they forget all the friends
they used to kik it with,
wanna sit at home and play
mr. and mrs. smith,
they forgot how to make me laugh,
just wanna be all lubby dubby...
They forget they life they had before me,
and if it never existed.
The past calls,
and you act as if it never existed.
When the truth is,
it was your sense of adventure.
that first had me interested.
and thats gone.
So i warn all men,
before they enter my world,
you may get to know me,
yes we can get closer,
but dont violate my space.

******* this is the longest poem ive ever writen.. ***


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Jun 18, 2006
mm mm mm POETIC MANIFESTA girl you rocked that you did its confusing isnt it how our feelings change day to day confusing to men isnt it when we dont fall victim to the games and the bullshhhhhhh and we are high from our own emotions and lovin ourselves and feeling our own aura feels good don't it
you go girl i will say again YOU DID ROCK THAT PIECE POET fo sho

much much love sweettee29


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Jan 15, 2004
I agree that was l-o-n-g but it was real. I throughly enjoyed it. You showed that you have high self esteem, so what if the men don't like it, you know what you want and aren't going to settle for less. That's what's up. Very empowering.


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
i need to email you a hug and oh dont think your going to get paid. that weave of yours is just gone gurl just gone. shoot i just saved a bunch of money with the lizard. and now your trying to sue me for some hair. gurl i will email you a pack. no biggie sis i got cha. shoot gurl or we can settle this when i get my income tax knowing you want see it. but its the thought gurl the thought. now i feel ya on this piece gurl really. baby gurl gotz some thangz on that pretty mind. i got tha time to soak this in my friend. and you get five stars for this hot ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im out gurl!!!!!!!


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Jun 2, 2006
Tyte drop.
I feel ya on the space thing
Sometimes I just want to breathe....
By myself.

Much luv

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