Come Black Home, People!

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James she pretended to be one of us. :mad: Without the photo never would have guessed.
You could work at the FBI:lol:
Yeah they're very experienced at spreading misinformation also. Esp as it pertains to people of color. Hey James now would be a good time to go jump into that black hole brother:byebye:

We used to be people who stuck together; regardless of what kind of fight we had to weather,

Whew…, Back in the day when our neighbor had the weight of the world on their back; we threw a rent party just to help pick up their slack,

Aunt and Uncle is how we addressed older cousins or a family friend, now it seems we don’t care who we offend,

Talking back when an elder was speaking, often left you with your eyes leaking,

Whippings and spankings got the point across, they kept many children from getting caught up and becoming loss,

Childhood games like, Hide and Go Seek, and Red Light, Green Light have been replaced with Minecraft and Fortnite,

We played those innocent games and had our fun, but when the streetlights came on, we knew our day was done,

Watching television meant viewing three or four channels at best, because we only had CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS,

There was no way to watch television from sunset to daylight, because all four stations shutdown at midnight,

We used to be like a family, looking out for each other, though unrelated, still respected like a mother, father, sister. or brother,

We used to have respect and we used to have morals, but now all we can think about is what can we take or what can we get, while sitting on our laurels,

We used to have dreams like Martin looking toward a mountain, and we used to have courage like Ms. Jane Pittman taking a drink out of a White’s-Only water fountain,

Going through life looking for a handout or a shortcut, you will most certainly land flat on your butt,

Go to school, get a job, do something positive to find your stride, so you can walk with your head up high, full of dignity and pride,

Train up your children in the way he should go, therefore, when he is older, he will already know,

Learn your history, and save the receipts; take heed, so your life is not bound to see repeats,

Accept this call to action as a dire plea, and not someone reminiscing on how life used to be,

People, it seems we are losing our way, Wake Up Everybody and start building a better day!

Written by: Mrs. Judy Lucero

Jaffrey, NH
Expressions of a time passed that I don't think we will see again anytime soon. Nonetheless, it probably resonates with a lot of people.


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