Black Poetry : Come Back

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    Coming back's a ***** !
    I came back to a relationship,
    a relationship where you know where someone's in the doghouse?
    This man was in the ditch.

    But yeah I came back for the 3rd got dang time
    For what reason? I do not know I'm still tryna find.

    But I came back, to a man who is not of God
    but a man of the World.
    Constantly up on the new "Three Six"
    but hardly picks up the word to hear how Jesus saved the bad & the sick.

    But still I came back, was it to change? I continually will ask.
    The Lord always said dont force man to serve
    but he also stated that I shouldn't leave the unsaved for last.
    But still God let me come back, to man who truly gets on my nerves.

    Then again my weakness for him is in my heart
    **** I wish, I wish I could take it apart, reveal my love for him and then to smash and smutha' that selfish mutha'.
    But then I did come back, to him yeah to him
    and why, and why? I ask, I ask . . .

    I claim his words are solid Gold but then again his stealth and his mind for himself makes him so, so cold.
    But yes, oh yes I came back, I came back.
    My goal? To change of course you know.
    But then again,
    he still rejects the word, curses, and chills with the same friends.

    Maybe I try not enough?
    Maybe it's him whose heart is just crust.
    who knows, who knows.
    But hey, remember I came back?

    I'm still back and for who knows how long maybe for as long as it takes to calculate
    the many hours we waste talking, constantly we'll make one another angry with our mocking.

    But I came back, because the thought of him makes me hungry.
    Hungry for love and affection he actually gives, surprisingly he does have love behind his fiery eyes.

    Though coming back's a *****.
    I still got love for the fool
    Who is stuck way down there in that ditch.
    So I decided to pull him out for us to share
    our hate and love even though I sometimes act like I do not care.
    He can still bring sunshine to my rainy day
    and ice cream to my needs when I'm feeling gray.

    And yes it's him who takes meaning to all he proclaims
    and I who is overwhelmed by his good acts and his cute little games.
    And I who can put up with his **** even though most of all he says makes me so **** sick.

    But I came back and I choose to stay
    cause my mother could deal with her husband for years.
    Why should I be so weak as to let mine go be what I fear.
    I choose to stay even though he might choose one day to go away.
    But I came back because I love, because I care, and I choose not to hurt him with some boy I meet just anywhere.

    I stay true when I'm back,
    no more games behind his back.
    For the faithful will conquer the world someday
    and I am back, yes I came back
    to a man who I love and in return he too gives it back and that's an honest to God true fact.
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    "For the faithful will conquer the world someday"

    I feel this piece right here. God is calling him, you can't make him answer though honey. He will when it's his time. Keep praaying.

    Much love
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    nice flow.....well express
    indeed his name is being called ..