Black Poetry : Colored Little Boys … Sometimes Cry


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Sep 20, 2001
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Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
For daddy
To teach that which fathers know
Life's perilous, impatient, so take it slow

Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
For mommy
To teach that which only mothers can
Learn the compassion of man
Grow and teach it over again

Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
For God
To rid the world of terroristic hatred
Placing kin against their unknown kindred
Crying out for peace instead

Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
For all the world
Life is more than diamonds, gold & pearls
Greed-mongers allow starvation to little boys and girls
In their hands world dies, we in fetal positional curl

Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
For love
To shower out earth daily pangs
Rejoice for life is the good song we sang
Evil and the vile in noose will hang

Colored little boys
… Sometimes cry
And colored little boys
… Sometimes cry

i would venture to say that you are too young to remember a time when we were actually called "colored little boys." colored little boys do sometimes cry for the things little boys they feed upon the nurishment of becoming a man.

keep teaching the needs of our young ones.

the river floweth.


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