Black Poetry : Colored Dreams in the memory of a Kiss.


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Apr 14, 2001
somewhere out there
Colored Dreams in the memory of a Kiss.

I dream in shades of cool blue
Like the ocean waves
That blow seaspray kisses
To each new dawn and night
To the clouds that take flight
In different hues
And give chase to the sun and moon.

I dream in loud yells and screams of delight
Like children at play
In late spring and early summer
Fading out of bright yellow sunlight
Into deep rich somber cyan tree shade
Limbs fly
Blurred dark bronze, copper and ebony
Innocent faces plastered
With smiles of laughter
Oblivious to the weeping world
That spins beneath their feet.

I dream in honey dipped whispers
Like honey brown lips
Glazed smooth by Midas
And flirting for a kiss
All morning dew and sugar
That evaporates into
A singular moment of bliss
Lasting a second longer than forever.

I dream in the color of a touch
Like the soft azure caress
Of silky smooth fingers
That caper and dance
In slow pirouettes across my chest
A seductive gypsy
That twirl and prance
Then fade into
Maroon whispers
That massage away stress
And enspell the mind
Mesmerized by carnation breath
Pressed against my tongue.

I dream in...
The pale emptiness of her absence
The indigo silence of her not here presence
The grey frontier of her quiet...


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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~

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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

Legendof_1_Spirit such a pleasure to have you here
you, your spirit, your beautiful poetry

thank you

please make yourself at home


entering from the garden of serenity


i have been waiting for you to pay us a visit for i knew that your skills with the crayola box of poetry will bring a different shade of excellence. this scribe confirms that my friend...

welcome and pull up a chair. i shall be watching from the garden...

returning to the garden...
Thanks for the response


Thank you for the welcome Destee. It is a pleasure to fellowship with you and all the other poets gathered here. I have not posted anything on line for quite sometime now. So I am looking forward to posting, reading, and responding.

Thanks for the welcome and the responses.
I shall see everyone on the board.




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