Black Poetry : Colored & Colorful!


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May 30, 2005
In Tha Bottom! Deeeep South
Go Ahead call me Colored!
It shows your lack of creativity
Because you only use one crayon,
But beware of this crayon box
You try to put me in
Because I’m in living color
Other colors are bound to rub off on me
Yes, I too am white
Can't see it in my eyes but Thank God
For putting two black dots there
So I can still see my roots

Go Ahead call me Colored!
But you can only
Draw my outline with this marker
You will never fill between my lines
Or know that I am more than one simple color

Go Ahead call me Colored!
I’ll let your words cut me a little
For you to watch my red spill out
Run down my arms and through my legs to
Fill between the lines
So you’ll see the colors of my ancestors
That sung the Blues
Didn’t yield to the Mean Green but chased dreams
As they picked the white coton,
Underneath the yellow sun until they turned pale blue
for their souls Fly Away and paint with all the colors of the wind
Because they had Faith when they had no crayons
Were colorful even when they where nicknamed "Colored"
So Go Ahead Call me Colored
Because I too am my ancestors
Colored & Colorful!


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