Black People : Color Wars?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by happy69, May 19, 2004.

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    Although I know that there are those in Our Community who are mixed-up and sick; all kinds of ways... I do not believe that this is a fact for most of Us, and I really mean MOST OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY... like 90% or better. This is the second article I've read about this book, and I tend to agree with the writer's contentions.
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    Thanks for posting that. I would be distrubing if I didnt already know that the colour complex was present all thru out the black world. It is sad and disgusting the way some black women blech skin, put on makeup way lighter than their complexion (looking like clowns), and looking for the lightest brotha so they can have a baby with "good skin" and still claim to not be a "sellout". It is also a shame when some brothas want to down black women for their natural features or go out of their way to let the world know they only want the lightest skinned black girls. People can have their preferences, but there is no need to bash those that dont fit it. The self hatred has to be combatted from the time black kids are old enuff to notice their skin and how it hs an effect on how people treat them (early elementary school). Kids need to be taught to deal with that stuff same time mom and dad teach them about peer pressure or not talking to strangers.
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    Simply put, this is another manifestation of racism and a good example of how it infects the minds of people who perpetuate it and are affected by it. People who either are voluntarily or ignorantly brainwashed into practicing racial divide, need to undergo an intense detox regimen until they are rid of this terrible social disease.

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